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wcbn fm chart march 21, 2016

wcbn fm chart march 21, 2016 "which one is the president again?"
1. Feels "s/t" Castle Face
2. Animal Collective "Painting With" Domino
3. Thao & the Get Down Stay Down "A Man Alive" Ribbon Music
4. The Body "No One Deserves Happiness" Thrill Jockey
5. Jan St. Werner "Felder" Thrill Jockey
6. My Robot Friend "Open the Book" Worried Rainbow
7. Multicast Dynamics "Outer Envelopes" Denovali
8. Faex Optim "Tris-kai-dek-a-pho-bi-a" Carpe Sonum Records
9. Ingrid Racine "Concentric Circles" self-released
10. Billowing "Modifications D'éclairage" Life Like
11. Viands "Temporal Relics" Midwich Productions
12. Matmos "Ultimate Care II" Thrill Jockey
13. Holy Wave "Freaks of Nurture" Reverberation Appreciation Society
14. Charles Bradley "Changes" Daptone
15. International Contemporary Ensemble "On the Nature of Thingness" Starkland
16. NZCA Lines "Infinite Summer" Memphis Industries
17. Poliça "United Crushers" Mom+Pop
18. Fatima Al Qadiri "Brute" Hyperdub
19. VT100 "Strangle Quiet Sunset" self-released
20. The Silence "Hark the Silence" Drag City
21. The Fall "Wise Ol' Man" Cherry Red
22. Skin Lies "Stimulus Regression" FM Dust
23. Deepchord "Ultraviolet Music" Soma
24. Dear Darkness "Be Nice Honey" self-released
25. Mary Lattimore "At the Dam" Ghostly International
26. Thug Entrancer "Arcology" Software
27. Unloved "Guilty of Love" self-released
28. Santigold "99¢" Atlantic
29. Momus "Glyptothek" American Patchwork
30. Ty Segall "Emotional Mugger" Drag City
31. The Jezabels "Synthia" MGM
32. Beacon "Escapements" Ghostly International
33. Lesley Flanigan "Hedera" Physical Editions
34. TEEN "Love Yes" Carpark
35. David Bowie "Blackstar" Columbia
36. v/a "Pzyk Vol. 1" Liverpool Psych Fest
37. Crater "Talk to Me So I Can Fall Asleep" Help Yourself
38. Deep Throats "Good Bad Pretty" Castle Face/Effeminate
39. Glenn Jones "Fleeting" Thrill Jockey
40. Nonkeen "The Gamble" R&S
41. Liima "ii" 4AD
42. Låpsley "Long Way Home" XL
43. Guido Gamboa "Saturday's Notes" Pentiments
44. Breakbot "Still Waters" Ed Banger/Because Music
45. Kangding Ray "Cory Arcane" Raster-Noton
46. Half Japanese "Perfect" Joyful Noise
47. Tricky "Skilled Mechanics" !K7
48. Keys N Krates "Midnite Mass" Dim Mak
49. Orson Hentschel "Feed the Tape" Denovali
50. Quilt "Plaza" Mexican Summer
Iggy Pop "Post Pop Depression" Concord/Loma Vista
Black Mountain "IV" Jagjaguwar
The Heavy "Hurt and the Merciless" Bad Son
Sunwatchers "s/t" Castle Face
Bob Mould "Patch the Sky" Merge