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WCBN Music Department


wcbn fm chart july 21, 2014

wcbn fm chart july 21, 2014 "I can't believe how dark it is"
1. Xeno & Oaklander "Par Avion" Ghostly International 
2. OOIOO "Gamel" Thrill Jockey
3. Eno/Hyde "High Life" Warp
4. Lust For Youth "International" Sacred Bones
5. Storm Ross "The Green Realm" Fengrosso Music
6. Ryan Huber "Harken" Inam Records
7. Martyn "The Words Between The Air" Ninja Tune
8. clipping. "CLPPNG" Sub Pop
9. Miniature Tigers "Cruel Runnings" Yebo
10. Tune-Yards "Nikki Nack" 4AD
11. Saturday's Cab Ride Home "When We Were All There" self-released
12. Lone "Reality Testing" R&S
13. Esteban Adame "Day Labor" EPM Music
14. Planning For Burial "Desideratum" The Flenser
15. Ergo Phizmiz "The Peacock" Care In The Community
16. Parquet Courts "Sunbathing Animal" What's Your Rupture?
17. Cold Beat "Over Me" Crime On The Moon
18. Eaux "Plastics" ATP
19. v/a "Enjoy the Science: 8-Bit Operators Tribute to Depeche Mode" Receptors
20. Turn To Crime "Can't Love" Mugg & Bopp/Old Flame
21. Growwing Pains "17 Songs About the Same Girl" Urinal Cake
22. Circulatory System "Mosaics Within Mosaics" Cloud
23. Wreck and Reference "Want" The Flenser
24. The Bombay Royale "The Island Of Dr. Electrico" HopeStreet
25. Paper Armies "Trying" Bridgetown
26. Venetian Snares "My Love Is A Bulldozer" Planet Mu
27. Matt Kivel "Days of Being Wild" Woodsist
28. Fhloston Paradigm "The Phoenix" Hyperdub
29. Guides "s/t [7-inch]" self-released
30. Total Control "Typical System" Iron Lung
31. Current 93 "I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell" Spheres Nine
32. OBN III's "Third Time to Harm" Tic Tac Totally
33. Ben Frost "A U R O R A" Mute
34. A Sunny Day In Glasgow "Sea When Absent" Lefse
35. People "3xawoman" Telegraph Harp
36. American Football "American Football [Deluxe Edition]" Polyvinyl
37. Obnox "Louder Space" 12XU
38. Nightmares On Wax "N.O.W. Is The Time" Warp
39. v/a "Hyperdub 10.1" Hyperdub
40. Boris "Noise" Sargent House
41. Gulp "Season Sun" Everloving
42. The Soft Pink Truth "Why Do The Heathen Rage?" Thrill Jockey
43. Alien Whale "s/t" Care In The Community
44. Pink Mountaintops "Get Back" Jagjaguwar
45. Kasai Allstars "Beware the Fetish" Crammed Discs
46. Los Hacheros "Pilon" Chulo
47. M. Azanyah "Ears to Hear" Path of Light Records
48. The Proper Ornaments "Wooden Head" Slumberland
49. Diamond Version "CI" Mute
50. Cloakfern "Polyptychs" Piles of Quiet
Alvvays "s/t" Polyvinyl
Plastikman "EX" Mute
v/a "Acoustic Division Sampler" Acoustic Division
Got A Girl "I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now" Bulk
Daniel Bachman "Orange Co. Serenade" Bathetic