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WCBN Music Department


wcbn fm chart february 1, 2016

wcbn fm chart february 1, 2016 "how 'bout i pixelize your teeth?"
1. Swans "White Light From the Mouth of Infinity/Love of Life (Deluxe Edition)" Young God
2. Tortoise "The Catastrophist" Thrill Jockey
3. Grimes "Art Angels" 4AD
4. Gloria Ann Taylor "Love Is a Hurtin' Thing" Luv N Haight
5. Benny Boeldt "8 of Cups" Carpark
6. Charlie Hilton "Palana" Captured Tracks
7. Clay Rendering "Snowthorn" Hospital Productions
8. Billowing "Modifications D'éclairage" Life Like
9. Cross Record "Wabi Sabi" Ba Da Bing
10. NXWorries "Link Up and Suede" Stones Throw
11. Ray Sammartano "Through The Chronos Lens" self-released
12. William Parker/Raining On the Moon "Great Spirits" Aum Fidelity
13. Ministry "Toronto 1986" Cleopatra
14. E1sbar "Televisual" Polar Vortex
15. Octagrape "Aura Obelisk" Sounds Familyre
16. Petre Inspirescu "Vin Ploile" Mule Musiq
17. Adrian Younge "Something About April II" Linear Labs
18. David Bowie "Blackstar" Columbia
19. Deepchord "Ultraviolet Music" Soma
20. Satan Face "Satanic Love in the Trench of Uranus" self-released
21. Infinite Body "Avolition" Isounderscore
22. Evil Robot Ted "Hints About the Sick Room" Scolex Recordings
23. Teeth of the Sea "Highly Deadly Black Tarantula" Rocket Recordings
24. Le Rex "Wild Man" Cuneiform
25. Running "Wake Up Applauding "Castle Face
26. Hinds "Leave Me Alone" Mom+Pop
27. Ruhe "Patriarchs" Eilean Rec.
28. Roly Porter "Third Law" Tri Angle
29. Chet Faker & Marcus Marr "Work" Downtown
30. Bang On a Can All-Stars "Field Recordings" Cantaloupe
31. Oneohtrix Point Never "Garden of Delete" Warp
32. Extreme Noise Terror "s/t" Willowtip
33. Jakob Bro "Gefion" ECM
34. Subheim "Foray" Denovali
35. Animation "Machine Language" RareNoise
36. Void Vision "Sub Rosa" Mannequin
37. Il Civetto "s/t" Eastblok
38. Lilly Joel "What Lies in the Sea" Sub Rosa
39. Lubomyr Melnyk "Rivers and Streams" Erased Tapes
40. Rapoon "Downgliding" Carpe Sonum Novum
41. Emilie Levienaise-Farrouche "Like Water Through the Sand" 13701
42. Oneirogen "Plenitude" Denovali
43. Matt Davignon "Pink Earth" Ribosome Music
44. Mono/The Ocean "Transcendental EP" Pelagic
45. Mark McGuire "Beyond Belief" Dead Oceans
46. Frank Riggio "Psychexcess II – Futurism" Hymen
47. John Metcalfe "The Appearance of Colour" Real World
48. Sonar "Black Light" Cuneiform
49. The Go Rounds "Don't Go Not Changin" self-released
50. SK Kakraba "Songs of Paapieye" Awesome Tapes From Africa
Emily Wells "Promise" Thesis + Instinct
DJDS "Stand Up and Sweat" Loma Vista
Nap Eyes "Thought Rock Fish Scale" Paradise of Bachelors
Mass Gothic "s/t" Sub Pop
Ontal "Entropia" Ad Noiseam