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WCBN Music Department


wcbn fm chart september 29, 2014

wcbn fm chart september 29, 2014 "squirrelcore u.s.a."
1. Aphex Twin "Syro"
2. Slow Magic "How To Run Away" Downtown
3. Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa "Savage Imagination" Thrill Jockey
4. GOAT "Commune" Sub Pop
5. Zammuto "Anchor" Temporary Residence
6. ODESZA "In Return" Counter
7. Rubblebucket "Survival Sounds" Communion
8. J Mascis "Tied To A Star" Sub Pop
9. Cold Specks "Neuroplasticity" Mute
10. Nick Monaco "Mating Call" Soul Clap
11. Electric Youth "Innerworld" Secretly Canadian
12. Philip Perkins "Mister Anyhow" Fun Music
13. Soundtrack "God Help The Girl" Milan
14. Tiger High "Inside the Acid Coven" Trashy Creatures
15. Botanist "VI: Flora" The Flenser
16. Gotobeds "Poor People Are Revolting" 12XU
17. Crazy Pills "Restless" self-released
18. Mike Doughty "Stellar Motel" Snack Bar
19. Wand "Ganglion Reef" God?
20. Simian Mobile Disco "Whorl" Anti-
21. Ellen O "Sparrows and Doves" Gold Bolus
22. Paul Dolden "Who Has The Biggest Sound?" Starkland
23. Trentemoller "Lost Reworks" In My Room
24. FKA twigs "LP1" XL
25. Music Go Music "Impressions" Thousand Tongues
26. Karen O "Crush Songs" Cult
27. Ty Segall "Manipulator" Drag City
28. Empire! Empire (I Was A Lonely Estate) "You Will Eventually Be Forgotten" Topshelf
29. New Pornographers "Brill Bruisers" Matador
30. Christopher Willits "OPENING" Ghostly International
31. Shabazz Palaces "Lese Majesty" Sub Pop
32. The Bug "Angels & Devils" Ninja Tune
33. Tricky "Adrian Thaws" False Idols/!K7
34. The Drums "Encyclopedia" Minor
35. Gary Clark Jr. "Live" Warner Bros.
36. Basement Jaxx "Junto" Atlantic Jaxx
37. My Brightest Diamond "This Is My Hand" Asthmatic Kitty
38. v/a "Corndogs002" Sly Fox
39. Sonogram "LED Melodies" Simulacra
40. Allah-Las "Worship the Sun" Innovative Leisure
41. Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt/Jxckxlz "split" Art As Catharsis
42. SPC ECO "Sirens and Satellites" Saint Marie
43. Kasper Bjorke "After Forever" HFN
44. Lia Ices "Ices" Jagjaguwar
45. Suicideyear "Remembrance" Software
46. Garden City Movement "Entertainment/Bengali Cinema" BLDG5
47. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour "Bring Us Together" Hot Bus/Rough Trade
48. Homeboy Sandman "Hallways" Stones Throw
49. Helado Negro "Double Youth" Asthmatic Kitty
50. So Cow "The Long Con" Goner
Ritual Howls "Turkish Leather" Felte
The Budos Band "Burnt Offering" Daptone
Laetitia Sadier "Something Shines" Drag City
The Van Allen Belt "Heaven On a Branch" Nonstop Everything Records
Ex Hex "Rips" Merge