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WCBN Music Department


wcbn fm chart july 28, 2014

So glad I got to see OOIOO this past week. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime performance. Also I turned 31, that's kinda okay too.

wcbn fm chart july 28, 2014 "I can't believe how dark it is"
1. Esteban Adame "Day Labor" EPM Music
2. Napolian "Incursio" Software
3. OOIOO "Gamel" Thrill Jockey
4. Martyn "The Air Between Word" Ninja Tune
5. Eaux "Plastics" ATP
6. clipping. "CLPPNG" Sub Pop
7. Tune-Yards "Nikki Nack" 4AD
8. Xeno & Oaklander "Par Avion" Ghostly International 
9. Eno/Hyde "High Life" Warp
10. Fhloston Paradigm "The Phoenix" Hyperdub
11. Magicicada "Wrack With Ruin" Mission Trips
12. Ergo Phizmiz "The Peacock" Care In The Community
13. Tomas Barfod "Love Me" Secretly Canadian
14. Lana Del Rey "Ultraviolence" Polydor/Interscope
15. Alvvays "s/t" Polyvinyl
16. Plastikman "EX" Mute
17. Daniel Bachman "Orange Co. Serenade" Bathetic
18. Ornamatik "s/t" self-released
19. Moonhairy "The Kingdom Of Eternal Poverty" Urinal Cake
20. Jack White "Lazaretto" Third Man/Columbia
21. White Lung "Deep Fantasy" Domino
22. Paper Armies "Trying" Bridgetown
23. Topdown Dialectic "s/t" Aught
24. Toussaint Morrison "Edo" Urban Home Companion
25. Ryan Huber "Harken" Inam Records
26. Ulises Conti "Los griegos creían que las estrellas eran pequeños agujeros por donde los dioses escuchaban a los hombres" flau
27. v/a "Acoustic Division Sampler" Acoustic Division
28. White Reaper "s/t" Polyvinyl
29. Storm Ross "The Green Realm" Fengrosso Music
30. Lone "Reality Testing" R&S
31. v/a "The Sound Of Siam Vol. 2" Soundway
32. Circulatory System "Mosaics Within Mosaics" Cloud
33. Lust For Youth "International" Sacred Bones
34. Miniature Tigers "Cruel Runnings" Yebo
35. Planning For Burial "Desideratum" The Flenser
36. v/a "Enjoy the Science: 8-Bit Operators Tribute to Depeche Mode" Receptors
37. Wreck and Reference "Want" The Flenser
38. OBN III's "Third Time to Harm" Tic Tac Totally
39. A Sunny Day In Glasgow "Sea When Absent" Lefse
40. American Football "American Football [Deluxe Edition]" Polyvinyl
41. Nightmares On Wax "N.O.W. Is The Time" Warp
42. v/a "Hyperdub 10.1" Hyperdub
43. The Soft Pink Truth "Why Do The Heathen Rage?" Thrill Jockey
44. Diamond Version "CI" Mute
45. Skygreen Leopards "Family Crimes" Woodsist
46. Growwing Pains "17 Songs About the Same Girl" Urinal Cake
47. Miami Dolphins "Becky" FPE
48. Soft As Snow "Glass Body EP" Houndstooth
49. Slow Club "Complete Surrender" Wichita
50. Kodomo "Patterns & Light" self-released
Brett Cimbalik "I Wish I Could Say The Same [12-inch]" Chambray
Shabazz Palaces "Lese Majesty" Sub Pop
Cold Specks "Bodies At Bay EP" Mute
Jim-E Stack "Tell Me I Belong" Innovative Leisure
Ephemerals "Nothin Is Easy" Jalapeno

DJ Chill Will of the University of Michigan's WCBN 88.3 FM. Home of the longest running Hip Hop show in the Mid-West and maybe the country.Check our Top 40 chart Jult 23, 2014. And be sure to tune into the show weekly on 88.3 FM in the Ann Arbor/Metro Detroit area or at www.wcbn.orgSaturday night's from 9pm until 12 am est.
What's the deal folks? Been a minute with the DJing and other family issues. Gotta send my condolenses to my brother from another mother Big Rich and the Perkins family and his fathers Death. Great family who showed me love from day one as a shorty in East New York. A lot of new music out right now, but the biggest thing I'm excited about is the Jurassic 5, Dilated People and Beat Junkies show this weekend. So that will defintely lift the spirits with some dope MC's and turntablism.  For more information about me DJ Chill Will goto: www.facebook.com/djchillwill734.,www.twitter.com/chillwill734 or www.djchillwill734.com
1. L'Orange,Need you,Mello Music Group
2. King Reign,Promo,CLK creative works/Reign music
3. El Gant,Three Amigos,Rule by secrecy music
4. The Green seed,Judge Law,Communicating Vessels
5. Sparrow the movement,Amazing,Six2six Records
6. L.A.C.,Bomb,U.B.O.K
7. Kemikel Ali,I.D.A.F.,58 street Records
8. RA the Ruggedman,Definition of a rap flow,Nature Sounds
10.Mudusa,Time & Tempo,Pulsar Music Group
11.Mykill Miers,Double Dare you,Mykill Miers musik/Abnormal
12.Adrian Younge/Souls of Mischief,There is only now,Linear Labs
13.Dilated Peoples,Good as gone/Showme the way,Rhymesayers Ent
14.Famous,Next Year,Wannabe Famous? Records
15.Ground Up,Let's ride,Ground Up Sounds
16.The Other Guys,Blow my mind,Hipnott Records
17.deMAtlas,All we got,Rhymesayers
18.Slim Kid 3 & DJ Numark,Bom Bom Fiya/Bouillon,Delicious vinyl
19.Magnif,The Shining pt2,Ghost City Records
20.Rick Rock,Presents Neva Met,Federation Records
21.Amp Live,Penny Nickel Dime,Plug Reasearch
22.Frame,Trouble,Major Key Ent
23.Rock Mecca,One Man gang,Rebel Vein entertainment
24.YSL,Ghetto Pasiion Love,Whistle Label
25.None Illa,Me be it,White Label
26.MarQ Spekta & Blockhead,Sum of it's parts,Hipnott Records
27.Jazz Spastiks,Dumb,Jazz Plastik
28.Nicamari,We on now,Star B Ent
29.The Famm,Walking in space,Top Notch Music
31.Blahz Martell,OMG Brooklyn,Twenty Five 8
32.Werdoze,Jesus,White Label
33.BoBo Norco,The music blow my brain,NLNF Ent
34.Jaz Marley,710 & Prevolls,Krush Groove
35.Blahz Martell aka Blahzay Blahzay Best of the best,Twentyfive8
36.People Under the stairs,1 up til sun up,Piecelock 70
37.The Legion,Stereo,III Adrenaline Records/The Legion Region Records
38.John Robinson & Pvd,Know My style,Brik Records
39.EMC,Charlie Murphy,Penalty/Sony Red
40.J.Rawls,The rest of my life,Polarent/Groove Attack
1.M-Deuce.Let me live,Loony Productions
2.Pikture Perfect,Pole,Soufboi Music Group
3.Planet Asia & Tarizm,Via satellite
4.Tre Mission,Real Grind,Stigmata/Big Dada

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