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WCBN Music Department


wcbn fm in exile adds march 23, 2020

Hey all,
I was able to get to the mail room today, but as of now it's not open for regular hours anymore, so we most likely won't be able to receive any physical mail until we're allowed back into the station. So I have adds for this week, but after this, I don't know. Thanks for understanding.

Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad "Jazz Is Dead 001" Jazz Is Dead
Deap Lips "s/t" Cooking Vinyl
Sidiku Buari "Revolution (Live Disco Show In New York City)" BBE Africa
James Fella/Steve Jansen/Steve Zimmerman "Full Names, Alphabetical Order (Title)" Alien Summer/That's Cool Records
Paul Arambula "Submarine/Walk Through This World With Me (Ep. 1)" Gilgongo
Foxy Panic "EP" self-released
Tennis "Swimmer" Thirty Tigers/Mutually Detrimental
Shasta "Roaming Hearts" Dowd
Flytraps "Wild Card" Burger
Chris Russell "Destiny" Spotted Peccary

DJ Chill Will of the University of Michigan's WCBN 88.3 FM. Home of the longest running Hip Hop show in the Mid-West and maybe the country.. Check out our Top 40 chart Mar 18, 2020. And be sure to tune into the show weekly on 88.3 FM in the Ann Arbor/Metro Detroit area or at www.wcbn.org Saturday night's from 9pm until 12am est

Crazy times with this Coronavirus and everyone staying 6ft away from each other. I hope they get things solved I miss radio. Don't forget you can check me out in the mix on Hot 97.3 and Mix 95.7 in Toledo/ Ohio, KRYC 105.9 Yuba City/Sacramento and WWHP 107.4 on Saturday Nights. For more about me: DJ Chill Will goto:http://www.facebook.com/ djchillwill734,www.twitter. com/chillwill734

1.YSL, What's your style?, Razorkut                    
2.Floyd in the sky, Immortal, Off of Audiophilr Plus        
3.Denzil Curry, Kenny Beats, Diet, Loma Vista
4.Jamil Honesty X Hobgoblin, Reptiles, Black House Records  
5.Haleek Maul, Get2High, Lex Records
6.Headkrack, Maul, Abracadabra, Empire/Headkrack/AQV Music Group    
7.Nemesis, Nefertiti/tigress, White Label            
8.Mr. Jonzw, Wanna hit it, Smashmouth Muzik 206 LLC  
9.John Jiggs, Self Made, Mxnxpxly Music LLC            
10.Jordan Rake!, Signs, NInja Tune          
11.O Dilla, End of the world, Lukevision Enterprise
12.Black Stax, When it's all done, Black Stax Music
13.Nick Cannon, Madoff, Ncredible Records    
14.G. Huff & Lena Jackson, Another Dead Rapper, United Grind
15.Injury Reserve, Hoodwinkle, Loma Vista
16.Tyler Dumont, You, Tyler Dumont Productions
17.Stro, Unpaired, Mass Appeal Records    
18.Lord Ju-Zooyle, Off of Blak, Byrd Ent
19.Dueling Experts, Dueling Experts, Mello Music Group
20.Various Artist/Afro Picks Vol 1, Culture Power 45X Coccon Movements
21.Kirk B. Dubbs, Brrewicideal, White Label/ 25 Lorduu
22.B.Bandz, Make her dance, TST Legacy
23.Sa-Roc, Hand of God, Rhymesayers      
24.King, 23, Stressed Out Entertainment  
25.Omarion, Can you hear me?, Omarion Worldwide/ADA  
26.O. Allen, Mackadoescious, 24 Seven Hustle    
27.Trev, Found Me, Last Ever Entertainment  
28.Jah Mark & The Soulshakers, Happiness, White label    
29.Elequent, Guidelines b/w Chase the light, Mello Music Group  
30.Gringo Gang, Doobie, Bump Sniff

1.Thundercat, Fat, Brain Feeder
2.T. Lucas & Substantial, The new balance, Substantial Art & Music
3.Binki, Hey bb!, Fader

KRYC 105.9 Yuba City / Sacramento
WUVS The Beat 103.7FM