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wcbn fm chart november 30, 2015

wcbn fm chart november 30, 2015 "that poor, poor fourth wall"
1. v/a "Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll" Dust-To-Digital
2. Kishi Bashi "String Quartet Live!" Joyful Noise
3. Four Tet "Morning/Evening" Text
4. Julia Holter "Have You in My Wilderness" Domino
5. Oneohtrix Point Never "Garden of Delete" Warp
6. Patrick Cowley "Muscle Up" Dark Entries
7. Shye Ben Tzur/Jonny Greenwood/The Rajasthan Express "Junun" Nonesuch
8. Esmerine "Lost Voices" Constellation
9. The Dead Weather "Dodge and Burn" Third Man
10. Made of Oak "Penumbra" Partisan
11. Shigeto "Intermission EP" Ghostly International
12. Omar Souleyman "Bahdeni Nami" Monkeytown
13. Wild Child "Fools" Duotone
14. Grimes "Art Angels" 4AD
15. Floating Points "Elaenia" Luaka Bop
16. Goblin Rebirth "s/t" Relapse
17. L'Orange & Kool Keith "Time? Astonishing!" Mello Music Group
18. Hinds "Very Best of Hinds So Far" Mom+Pop
19. SK Kakraba "Songs of Paapieye" Awesome Tapes From Africa
20. Bang on a Can All-Stars "Field Recordings" Cantaloupe
21. Food "This is Not a Miracle" ECM
22. Bones and Beeker "s/t" Wax Poetics
23. !!! "As If" Warp
24. St. Germain "s/t" Nonesuch
25. Larry Gus "I Need New Eyes" DFA
26. Beirut "No No No" 4AD
27. Idjut Boys "Versions" Smalltown Supersound
28. Flying Saucer Attack "Instrumentals 2015" Domino/Drag City
29. Timmy's Organism "Heartless Heathen" Third Man
30. Wolf Eyes "I Am a Problem: Mind in Pieces" Third Man
31. Beekeepers "II" self-released
32. Electric Six "Bitch, Don't Let Me Die!" Metropolis
33. Duane the Brand New Dog "Brand New Dog, Same Old Tricks [12-inch]" Chambray
34. Prequel Tapes "Inner Systems" R'COUP'D
35. Marianne Nowottny and the Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra "Tomorrow Never Knows [7-inch]" Abaton Book Company
36. Kode9 "Nothing" Hyperdub
37. Fuzz "II" In the Red
38. Matchess "Somnaphoria" Trouble in Mind
39. Arca "Mutant" Mute
40. Yppah "Tiny Pause" Counter
41. Disclosure "Caracal" Capitol
42. Patrick Higgins "Bachanalia" Telegraph Harp
43. Doug Hream Blunt "My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt" Luaka Bop
44. Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts "Manhattan" Rough Trade
45. Hot Chip "Dancing in the Dark" Domino
46. Jerusalem in My Heart "If He Dies, If If If If If If" Constellation
47. Peaches "Rub" I U She Music
48. Seinabo Sey "Pretend" Virgin
49. Black Masala "I Love You Madly" self-released
50. Linear Downfall "Sufferland" self-released
Dweezil Zappa "Via Zammata'" Fantom Records
Norman Westberg "13" Room40
Ross Manning "Interlacing" Room40
Ruhe "Patriarchs" Eilean
Husky Rescue "The Long Lost Friend [Special Edition]" Catskills Records


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