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wcbn fm chart october 5, 2015

Don't have a whole lot of time to write about it at the moment but I just got back from seeing KRAFTWERK! Everyone got 3D glasses, so of course the visuals were insane. They played "The Robots" during the encore and were replaced onstage by actual robots. And they shouted out to Detroit a couple times ("Spacelab" showed a UFO heading for Detroit and landing right outside the venue, and there was a "Detroit is electro, Germany is electro" track near the end of the show). Just unreal.

wcbn fm chart october 5, 2015 "i bought some milk the other day because i felt like it 
1. Julia Holter "Have You In My Wilderness" Domino
2. Steve Roach "Skeleton Keys" Projekt
3. Marianne Nowottny and the Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra "Tomorrow Never Knows [7-inch]" Abaton Book Company
4. Micachu and the Shapes "Good Sad Happy Bad" Rough Trade
5. Dan Friel "Life" Thrill Jockey
6. Sean Sonderegger's Magically Inclined "Eat the Air" Skirl Records
7. Destroyer "Poison Season" Merge
8. The Necks "Vertigo" Northern Spy
9. Jens-Uwe Beyer "The Emissary" Kompakt Pop Ambient
10. James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg "Ambsace" Paradise of Bachelors
11. Simon Scott "Insomni" Ash International
12. Phaedra "Black Winged Night" Rune Grammofon
13. Ben Paterson "For Once In My Life" Origin
14. Richard Garet "Meta" Line
15. Public Enemy "Man Plans God Laughs" SPITdigital Recordings
16. Matchess "Somnaphoria" Trouble in Mind
17. Beach House "Depression Cherry" Sub Pop
18. Ratatat "Magnifique" XL
19. Venetian Snares "Thank You For Your Consideration" self-released
20. Panda Bear "Crosswords EP" Domino
21. Low "Ones and Sixes" Sub Pop
22. Magic Castles "Starflower" A Recordings
23. Mind Over Mirrors "The Voice Calling" Immune
24. Monokle "Rings" Ki Records
25. U.S. Girls "Half Free" 4AD
26. Girl Band "Holding Hands With Jamie" Rough Trade
27. Mild High Club "Timeline" Circle Star
28. Youth Lagoon "Savage Hills Ballroom" Fat Possum
29. Farao "Till It's All Forgotten" Arts & Crafts
30. Yo La Tengo "Stuff Like That There" Matador
31. Chelsea Wolfe "Abyss" Sargent House
32. Wand "1000 Days" Drag City
33. Film Student "s/t" Simulacra
34. KANT "Metaphysik" self-released
35. Sopko Laswell Pridgen "s/t" self-released
36. Princess Century "Progress" Paper Bag
37. Asmus Tietchens "Ornamente (zwischen Null und Eins)" Line
38. Benjamin Verdoes "The One and the Other" Brick Lane
39. Dogs on Acid "s/t" Jade Tree
40. Public Image Ltd. "What the World Needs Now" PiL Official
41. Frog Eyes "Pickpocket's Locket" Paper Bag
42. Mega Ran "RNDM" RandomBeats
43. The Libertines "Anthems For Doomed Youth" Harvest
44. Midday Veil "This Wilderness" Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
45. The Intelligence "Vintage Future" In the Red
46. Jacuzzi Boys "Happy Damage" Mag Mag/Family Artists
47. The New Mastersounds "Made for Pleasure" Royal Potato Family
48. Lou Barlow "Brace the Wave" Joyful Noise
49. Diane Coffee "Everybody's a Good Dog" Western Vinyl
50. Golden Void "Berkana" Thrill Jockey
Protomartyr "The Agent Intellect" Hardly Art
Deafheaven "New Bermuda" Anti-
CHVRCHES "Every Open Eye" Glassnote
Ms. John Soda "Loom" Morr Music
DJ Spinn "Off That Loud EP" Hyperdub

DJ Chill Will of the University of Michigan's WCBN 88.3 FM. Home of the longest running Hip Hop show in the Mid-West and maybe the country. Checkout our Top 40 chart Sept 30,2015. And be sure to tune into the show weekly on 88.3 FM in the Ann Arbor/Metro Detroit area or at www.wcbn.org Saturday night's from 9pm until 12am est.
What's the deal folks? Been grinding and trying to get things back to normal. But been feeling a lot of new underground or local music. So look forward to that real soon. But gotta give a big shout out to all the DJ's doing there thing. I've had a lot of folks come up to me and said they grew up listening to my show and love that it's still on. Because a lot of us who have shows like mine give the unknown artist a place to learn how to do interviews and get there music out over the airwaves. So support the DJ's who put the time in and supply you with good music from your local artist or someone else's. Don't forget you can check me out in the mix Monday thru Friday from 3pm to 4pm pst. for the Hot Mix on SwurvRadio.com - Internet Hip Hop Radio and KRYC 105.9 Yuba City/Sacramento on Friday Nights. For more about me: DJ Chill Will goto:www.facebook.com/djchillwill734,www.twitter.com/chillwill734

1. All Day,Claude Monet,Wind Up/Concord
2. JR & PH7,We do our thing,Soulspazm Records/Foundation
3. Finale,Choppy Waters,Mellow Music Group
4. 60 East,Loves drug,First Dirt
5. Silas Blak,Cops on my back,Cabin Games
6. Prof,Bar breaker,Rhymesayers
7. Sherif Matter,Grammy,Maniiifest/IntheMusic
8. Slum Village,Too much,Ne'astra Music Group
9. Obie Trice,Good girl,Black Market Ent/Ingrooves
10.The Coalition,She got the body,Gorilla Status Records
11.South Psycho Cide,We do this,Revolution One Ent./Psycho Cide Music
13.Substantial & Algorythm,Lasting Impression,Tony Stanza,HipNott Records
14.R.A.W.,Herbal Intercourse,Soulspazm Records
15.Magnif,The last,Ghost City & Manifest Destiny
16.Jahdan Blakkmoore,Red Hot rmx,Subnoise.com
17.Suspens,The streets,Suspens Recording
18.Bloka Bloka Boys,Let's goh,GrindHardRecords
19.Nametag Alexander,La Da Da,Lead and be Legendary
20.Semi Hendrix,Breakfast at Banksy's,Mello Music Group
21.Dynamic,Longevity,Tru2daArt Records
22.P.SO & 2 Hungry Bros,Go Nuts,HipNott Records
24.Manny Garcia,Latino Unification,Viciouz Society Ent
25.Wax-A-Don,I want you,GTMG
26.Def Bananas,Something New,Jeigh B. Records
27.BD Miguel,Walk so mean,KTinc Music
28.j.Spoolz,F.U.T.S.,C.O.C.Music Group
29.Relaye,Everyday,Drop Squad
30.QNC,At the same time,III Adrenaline Records
31.PR$FIT,Got me,GTPS Records
33.Redman,Dopeman,Gilla House/Ingrooves
34.Public Enemy,Man Plans/God Laughs,Spitdigital
35.Kiravell,Aladin,Vandevells Magi
36.The Mood Doctors,Hot,Pandemonium Wreckordz
37.Doomstarks,Lively Hood,Nature Sounds
38.Indiana Rome,Woah Woah,WGGP Music
40.M-Duece,Look out the window,Loony Productions
1.Grizzly Gato,Finding a new balance on a boogie board,Sub Bombin Records
2.Gary the Gent,Don't wait up,All-in Syndicate
3.Atmosphere,Finer things,Rhymesayers
KRYC 105.9 Yuba City / Sacramento 
WUVS The Beat 103.7FM


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