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wcbn fm chart september 7, 2015

wcbn fm chart september 7, 2015 "don't go to clubs there's people" 
1. Tunde Olaniran "Transgressor" Quite Scientific
2. Ratatat "Magnifique" XL
3. Venetian Snares "Your Face" Planet Mu
4. Chelsea Wolfe "Abyss" Sargent House
5. La Luz "Weirdo Shrine" Hardly Art
6. Tame Impala "Currents" Interscope
7. Titus Andronicus "The Most Lamentable Tragedy" Merge
8. AFX "Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008" Warp
9. Chihei Hatakeyama "Light Reflecting Over Mountains" Room40
10. Monokle "Rings" Ki Records
11. Georgia "s/t" Domino
12. Grave Babies "Holographic Violence" Hardly Art
13. HEALTH "Death Magic" Loma Vista
14. Advance Base "Nephew in the Wild" Orindal
15. Yo La Tengo "Stuff Like That There" Matador
16. Helen "The Original Faces" Kranky
17. Dam-Funk "Invite the Light" Stones Throw
18. Alan Sondheim/Azure Carter/Luke Damrosch "Threnody: Shorter Discourses of the Buddha" Public Eyesore
19. Mac DeMarco "Another One" Captured Tracks
20. The Sediment Club "Psychosymplastic" Wharf Cat
21. Gospel Machine "Your Holy Ghost" self-released
22. Amir ElSaffar "Crisis" Pi
23. Liberty Ellman "Radiate" Pi
24. Derek Piotr "Bahar" Bit Phalanx
25. Empress Of "Me" Terrible
26. Qwanqwa "Volume Two" FPE
27. Graham Repulski "Success Racist" Shorter Recordings
28. El Ten Eleven "Fast Forward" Fake Record Label
29. Ryan Huber "Aleksandr" Inam Records
30. Laurice "Best of Laurice, Vol. 1" Mighty Mouth Music
31. Deaf Wish "Pain" Sub Pop
32. Jenny Hval "Apocalypse, girl" Sacred Bones
33. France Jobin & Fabio Perletta "Mirror Neurons" Dragon's Eye
34. ODESZA feat. Little Dragon "Light" Counter Records
35. Crawlspace "Blink Once For Yes" Gulcher
36. Vitamin Pets "Horse Helpers of the High Country" self-released
37. Evan Caminiti "Meridian" Thrill Jockey
38. Michael Gibbs & the NDR Bigband "In My View" Cuneiform
39. Andrew Tuttle "Slowcation" A Guide to Saints
40. Ultimate Painting "Green Lanes" Trouble in Mind
41. The Chemical Brothers "Born in the Echoes" Astralwerks
42. Weird Owl "Interstellar Skeletal" A Recordings
43. The Space Merchants "s/t" Aqualamb
44. Destroyer "Poison Season" Merge
45. Blanck Mass "Dumb Flesh" Sacred Bones
46. Slime "Company" Weird World
47. Public Enemy "Man Plans God Laughs" SPITdigital
48. The Pink Noise "Decay" Not Unlike
49. Matilde Davoli "I'm Calling You From My Dreams" Loyal to Your Dreams
50. Vintage Trouble "1 Hopeful Rd" McGhee
Destruction Unit "Negative Feedback Resistor" Sacred Bones
Low "Ones and Sixes" Sub Pop
Public Image Ltd. "What the World Needs Now…" PiL Official
Midday Veil "This Wilderness" Beyond Beyond is Beyond
Widowspeak "All Yours" Captured Tracks


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:) - Vitamin Pets (vitaminpets.bandcamp.com) / https://www.facebook.com/VitaminPets/

12/09/2015 11:44 AM  
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