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wcbn fm chart august 31, 2015

wcbn fm chart august 31, 2015 "eat spinach and live forever" 
1. AFX "Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008" Warp
2. Chelsea Wolfe "Abyss" Sargent House
3. Tunde Olaniran "Transgressor" Quite Scientific
4. La Luz "Weirdo Shrine" Hardly Art
5. Slime "Company" Weird World
6. Unknown Mortal Orchestra "Multi-Love" Jagjaguwar
7. Public Enemy "Man Plans God Laughs" SPITdigital
8. Alan Sondheim/Azure Carter/Luke Damrosch "Threnody: Shorter Discourses of the Buddha" Public Eyesore
9. Mac DeMarco "Another One" Captured Tracks
10. The Sediment Club "Psychosymplastic" Wharf Cat
11. Tame Impala "Currents" Interscope
12. The Pink Noise "Decay" Not Unlike
13. The Space Merchants "s/t" Aqualamb
14. Ratatat "Magnifique" XL
15. Matilde Davoli "I'm Calling You From My Dreams" Loyal to Your Dreams
16. Gospel Machine "Your Holy Ghost" self-released
17. Vintage Trouble "1 Hopeful Rd" McGhee
18. Worriers "Imaginary Life" Don Giovanni
19. Potty Mouth "s/t EP" Planet Whatever
20. Deaf Wish "Pain" Sub Pop
21. The Orb "Moonbuilding 2703 AD" Kompakt
22. Beach House "Depression Cherry" Sub Pop
23. Skylab "#2" Tummy Touch
24. Georgia "s/t" Domino
25. Chihei Hatakeyama "Light Reflecting Over Mountains" Room40
26. Venetian Snares "Your Face" Planet Mu
27. Rob Mazurek and Exploding Star Orchestra "Galactic Parables, Vol. 1" Cuneiform
28. Royal Headache "High" What's Your Rupture?
29. Amir ElSaffar "Crisis" Pi
30. The Blind Shake "Live in San Francisco" Castle Face
31. Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld "Never Were the Way She Was" Constellation
32. Guapo "Obscure Knowledge" Cuneiform
33. The Bird and the Bee "Recreational Love" Rostrum
34. Little Boots "Working Girl" Dim Mak/On Repeat
35. Creeping Pink "Mirror Woods" Castle Face
36. Pigeons "The Bower" MIE Music
37. Ryan Huber "Aleksandr" Inam Records
38. Robert Crouch "Organs" Dragon's Eye
39. John Krautner "Fun With Gum Vol. 1" Burger
40. HEALTH "Death Magic" Loma Vista
41. Thayer Sarrano "Shaky" The Guildwater Group
42. State Shirt "Lost Hills" self-released
43. Derek Piotr "Bahar" Bit Phalanx
44. Hey Mother Death "Highway" Paper Bag
45. Teen Daze "Morning World" Paper Bag
46. Ariane Moffatt "22h22" Simone
47. Liberty Ellman "Radiate" Pi
48. Jenny Hval "Apocalypse, girl" Sacred Bones
49. France Jobin & Fabio Perletta "Mirror Neurons" Dragon's Eye
50. White Poppy "Natural Phenomena" Not Not Fun
Advance Base "Nephew in the Wild" Orindal
Yo La Tengo "Stuff Like That There" Matador
Helen "The Original Faces" Kranky
Dam-Funk "Invite the Light" Stones Throw
Monokle "Rings" Ki Records