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wcbn fm chart july 27, 2015

Negativland are easily a top 5 influence on my entire life and there is no way I would be doing radio without Don Joyce and his show Over The Edge, which he had been doing nearly every week for 34 years. Negativland will still exist but there has never been anything else on the radio like Over The Edge, I think Joyce truly redefined the medium of radio itself, and also demonstrated why freeform radio is so important and can be used to create art instead of just being a venue for mindless corporate playlists and advertising.
Good Goodbye Crosley Bendix, Director of Stylistic Premonitions at the Universal Media Netweb!

wcbn fm chart july 27, 2015 "to create is divine. to reproduce is human." – man ray
1. Jamie xx "In Colour" Young Turks
2. Creeping Pink "Mirror Woods" Castle Face
3. Lee Bannon "Pattern of Excel" Ninja Tune
4. v/a "France Rocks Vol. 2" Bureau Export
5. Nap Eyes "Whine of the Mystic" Paradise of Bachelors
6. Unknown Mortal Orchestra "Multi-Love" Jagjaguwar
7. Huntsville "Pond" Hubro
8. John Krautner "Fun With Gum Vol. 1" Burger Records
9. Pigeons "The Bower" MIE Music
10. Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld "Never Were the Way She Was" Constellation
11. The Orb "Moonbuilding 2703 AD" Kompakt
12. Maribou State "Portraits" Counter
13. Howling "Sacred Ground" Counter
14. Pfarmers "Gunnera" Jurassic Pop
15. Ken Camden "Dream Memory" Kranky
16. Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge "Twelve Reasons To Die Part 2" Linear Labs
17. Giorgio Moroder "Déjà Vu" RCA
18. Wild Yaks "Rejoice! God Loves Wild Yaks" Ernest Jenning
19. Ezra Furman "Perpetual Motion People" Bella Union
20. Ratatat "Magnifique" XL
21. EZTV "Calling Out" Captured Tracks
22. Part Time "Virgo's Maze" Burger
23. Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe "I Declare Nothing" A
24. Flo Morrissey "Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful" Glassnote
25. Active Child "Mercy" Vagrant
26. Jenny Hval "Apocalypse, girl" Sacred Bones
27. Damaged Bug "Cold Hot Plumbs" Castle Face
28. De Lux "Generation" Innovative Leisure
29. Flesh World "The Wild Animals in My Life" Iron Lung
30. White Reaper "White Reaper Does It Again" Polyvinyl
31. Chatham Rise/Thelightshines "We Are the Sun" self-released
32. Amateur Eyes "s/t" self-released
33. Invisible Circle "s/t" Gold Bolus
34. Hey Mother Death "Highway" Paper Bag
35. Lydia Lunch Retrovirus "Urge to Kill" Widowspeak
36. Squarepusher "Damogen Furies" Warp
37. Holly Herndon "Platform" 4AD/RVNG Intl.
38. Flavia Coelho "Mundo Meu" Mr. Bongo
39. A Tribe Called Red "Suplex" Radicalized/Pirates Blend
40. SkyDive Trio "Sun Moee" Hubro
41. Circuit des Yeux "In Plain Speech" Thrill Jockey
42. Hot Chip "Why Make Sense?" Domino
43. Weird Owl "Interstellar Skeletal" A
44. Snooty Garbagemen "s/t" 12XU
45. Hop Along "Painted Shut" Saddle Creek
46. Downtown Boys "Full Communism" Don Giovanni
47. Uniform "Perfect World" 12XU
48. Sharon Van Etten "I Don't Want to Let You Down" Jagjaguwar
49. White Poppy "Natural Phenomena" Not Not Fun
50. Fist City "Everything is a Mess" Transgressive
Ducktails "St. Catherine" Domino
Mas Ysa "Seraph" Downtown
JD Allen "Graffiti" Savant
The Hussy "Galore" Southpaw
Ricked Wicky "King Heavy Metal" GBV Inc.