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wcbn fm chart january 11, 2016

wcbn fm chart january 11, 2016 "we can make it all turn gray, if we really want it that way"
1. Laurie Anderson "Heart of a Dog" Nonesuch
2. Erik Griswold "Pain Avoidance Machine" Room40
3. Car Seat Headrest "Teens of Style" Matador
4. Young Galaxy "Falsework" Paper Bag
5. Joanna Newsom "Divers" Drag City
6. Black Masala "I Love You Madly" self-released
7. Jerusalem in My Heart "If He Dies, If If If If If If" Constellation
8. Dear Darkness "Be Nice Honey" self-released
9. Ryan Huber "Tacht" Inam Records 
10. John Metcalfe "The Appearance of Colour" Real World
11. Deerhunter "Fading Frontier" 4AD
12. Rafael Anton Irisarri "A Fragile Geography" Room40
13. Floating Points "Elaenia" Luaka Bop
14. Brooklyn Funk Essentials "Funk Ain't Ova" Dorado Records
15. Bang on a Can All-Stars "Field Recordings" Cantaloupe
16. Birdstriking "s/t" A Recordings
17. Martin Courtney "Many Moons" Domino
18. Ty Segall "Ty Rex" Goner
19. Kishi Bashi "String Quartet Live!" Joyful Noise
20. HITS "Sunshine Baby" Crash Symbols
21. The Black Ships "Dead Empire" self-released
22. Beat Connection "Product 3" Anti-
23. Black Wing "Is Doomed" The Flenser
24. Shana Halligan "Back to Me" Plug Research
25. Oneirogen "Plenitude" Denovali
26. Seinabo Sey "Pretend" Virgin
27. W-X "s/t" Castle Face
28. Yak "No" Third Man
29. Kelley Stoltz "In Triangle Time" Castle Face
30. Teeth of the Sea "Highly Deadly Black Tarantula" Rocket Recordings
31. My Disco "Severe" Temporary Residence
32. Gnaw Their Tongues "Abyss of Longing Throats" Crucial Blast
33. Coil "Backwards" Cold Spring
34. Grimes "Art Angels" 4AD
35. Kode9 "Nothing" Hyperdub
36. Oneohtrix Point Never "Garden of Delete" Warp
37. Shye Ben Tzur/Jonny Greenwood/The Rajasthan Express "Junun" Nonesuch
38. St. Germain "s/t" Nonesuch
39. Spectral Park/The Furr "split" Crash Symbols
40. I Am Robot and Proud "Light and Waves" Darla
41. Slayer "Repentless" Nuclear Blast
42. Beekeepers "II" self-released
43. Made of Oak "Penumbra" Partisan
44. Esmerine "Lost Voices" Constellation
45. Exhaustion "Phased Out" 12XU
46. Timmy's Organism "Heartless Heathen" Third Man
47. Arca "Mutant" Mute
48. SK Kakraba "Songs of Paapieye" Awesome Tapes From Africa
49. v/a "Pop Ambient 2016" Kompakt
50. Shocking Pinks "Dance the Dance Electric" A Low Hum
Tortoise "The Catastrophist" Thrill Jockey
Infinite Body "Avolition" Isounderscore
Ray Sammartano "Through The Chronos Lens" self-released
Baaba Maal "The Traveler" Palm Recordings/Marathon Artists
Sonar "Black Light" Cuneiform