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wcbn fm chart march 14, 2016

Hey all, thanks for all the responses to my email a few days ago. Looks like everything seems to be going well with this new email system, I didn't get one annoyed "stop bothering me" email, so that's a great thing. Having said that, if you still don't want to receive these emails every week, just tell me (nicely!) and I'll make sure you're removed. Likewise, if you need me to switch contacts or email addresses, I'll take care of that too.
We're a little backlogged as far as processing recent new CDs, there's a few packages that we haven't gotten to yet and a few things that still need to be reviewed or come back from music review, so it might take a few weeks for things to show up on the charts, but we're getting to it. I'll try to get back to everyone about tracking on a more regular basis, I promise! 
No SXSW for me, but this week is the Ann Arbor Film Festival, which is always a big deal around these parts, especially since some of our DJs are heavily involved in the festival. So that might also delay things a bit on my end...

Anyway thanks again, will talk soon,

wcbn fm chart march 14, 2016 "when your phone stops ringing, you're on the air… DON'T SAY HELLO"
1. Magas "Heads Plus" Midwich Productions
2. Prince Rama "Xtreme Now" Carpark
3. Ingrid Racine "Concentric Circles" self-released
4. Moon Pool & Dead Band "MEQ" Midwich Productions
5. Mary Lattimore "At the Dam" Ghostly International
6. Thug Entrancer "Arcology" Software
7. Santigold "99¢" Atlantic
8. Essaie pas "Demain est une autre nuit" DFA
9. v/a "µ20 – 20 Years of Planet Mu" Planet Mu
10. Extreme Noise Terror "s/t" Willowtip
11. Clay Rendering "Snowthorn" Hospital Productions
12. Viands "Temporal Relics" Midwich Productions
13. Jimbo Easter "s/t [EP]" Terror Trash
14. Mick Travis "Face Disappears After Interrogation" Midwich Productions
15. Momus "Glyptothek" American Patchwork
16. Matmos "Ultimate Care II" Thrill Jockey
17. DIIV "Is The Is Are" Captured Tracks
18. Ty Segall "Emotional Mugger" Drag City
19. Porches "Pool" Domino
20. The Body "No One Deserves Happiness" Thrill Jockey
21. Glenn Jones "Fleeting" Thrill Jockey
22. TEEN "Love Yes" Carpark
23. VT100 "Strangle Quiet Sunset" self-released
24. v/a "Fixture Records Sampler 4" self-released
25. Damien Jurado "Visions of Us on the Land" Secretly Canadian
26. David Bowie "Blackstar" Columbia
27. v/a "Pzyk Vol. 1" Liverpool Psych Fest
28. The Walking Beat "Introducing…" Quonset Records
29. Dear Darkness "Be Nice Honey" self-released
30. The End Times "We Don't Need the Country [7-inch]" self-released
31. Deepchord "Ultraviolet Music" Soma
32. Beacon "Escapements" Ghostly International
33. Fatima Al Qadiri "Brute" Hyperdub
34. Lesley Flanigan "Hedera" Physical Editions
35. Wild Nothing "Life of Pause" Captured Tracks
36. Venetian Snares "Traditional Synthesizer Music" Timesig
37. The Jezabels "Synthia" MGM
38. Benny Boeldt "8 of Cups" Carpark
39. Hinds "Leave Me Alone" Mom+Pop
40. NZCA Lines "Infinite Summer" Memphis Industries
41. Charles Bradley "Changes" Daptone
42. Nonkeen "The Gamble" R&S
43. Dan Weiss "16: Drummers Suite" Pi
44. Dubcon "Martian Dub Beacon" Metropolis/Subconscious Communications
45. The James Hunter Six "Hold On!" Daptone
46. James Supercave "Better Strange" Fairfax
47. Violent Femmes "We Can Do Anything" PIAS
48. Poliça "United Crushers" Mom+Pop
49. Le Matos "Chronicles of the Wasteland" Fantome
50. Daughter "Not to Disappear" Glassnote
DJ Katapila "Trotro" Awesome Tapes From Africa
Feels "s/t" Castle Face
Holy Wave "Freaks of Nurture" Reverberation Appreciation Society
Cullen Omori "New Misery" Sub Pop
Orson Hentschel "Feed the Tape" Denovali