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New WCBN weekly chart email list + wcbn fm chart march 7, 2016

Hey, this is Paul Simpson, one of the music directors (along with Don Lyons) of WCBN FM Ann Arbor, Michigan. I haven't sent out charts the past few weeks because our station's chart email group expired and deactivated. So we had to start a new one. I went through the contacts list and tried to weed out old/outdated/inaccurate/irrelevant names/emails and replace them with current/up-to-date contacts as necessary.

If you aren't interested in receiving these emails, please tell me and I'll get your email removed from the list.
If I need to replace or update your contact information, or switch your email with a different email account or contact for a different person, or anything else, please let me know and I'll make sure it gets updated.

If you DO want to receive these weekly emails, let me know too! It's good to know who's out there!

I'll try to get back on the ball as far as email tracking, I've just been too busy to answer every email, but I can't really do phone tracking because I work during the day, so I need to make sure I keep in touch via email.

Anyway, I'll leave you with last week's chart. 

wcbn fm chart march 7, 2016 "shop as usual… and avoid panic buying"
1. Ingrid Racine "Concentric Circles" self-released
2. Tortoise "The Catastrophist" Thrill Jockey
3. Half Japanese "Perfect" Joyful Noise
4. Porches "Pool" Domino
5. The Body "No One Deserves Happiness" Thrill Jockey
6. Hinds "Leave Me Alone" Mom+Pop
7. Moon Pool & Dead Band "MEQ" Midwich Productions
8. Magas "Heads Plus" Midwich Productions
9. Pumice "Puddles" Soft Abuse
10. Beacon "Escapements" Ghostly International
11. NZCA Lines "Infinite Summer" Memphis Industries
12. Momus "Glyptothek" American Patchwork
13. Matmos "Ultimate Care II" Thrill Jockey
14. Rangda "The Heretic's Bargain" Drag City
15. Ulrich Krieger "/RAW/Re:Space/" XI Records
16. Death Index "s/t" Deathwish Inc.
17. Wild Nothing "Life of Pause" Captured Tracks
18. Applesauce Tears "Alpha Drift" Black Cottage
19. Emily Wells "Promise" Thesis & Instinct
20. Adrian Younge "Something About April II" Linear Labs
21. Mount Moriah "How to Dance" Merge
22. Sven Kacirek "Songs From Okinawa" Pingipung
23. Il Civetto "s/t" Eastblok
24. Craw "'93-'97" Northern Spy
25. Adam Rudolph/Go: Organic Guitar Orchestra "Turning Towards the Light" Cuneiform
26. Billowing "Modifications D'éclairage" Life Like
27. Clay Rendering "Snowthorn" Hospital Productions
28. Viands "Temporal Relics" Midwich Productions
29. Cyrano Jones "Trials and Tribulations" Arbco
30. Dear Darkness "Be Nice Honey" self-released
31. Satan Face "Satanic Love in the Trench of Uranus" self-released
32. Mary Lattimore "At the Dam" Ghostly International
33. Mick Travis "Face Disappears After Interrogation" Midwich Productions
34. Ty Segall "Emotional Mugger" Drag City
35. Ryan Huber "Kanab" Inam Records
36. C Duncan "Architect" FatCat
37. Venetian Snares "Traditional Synthesizer Music" Timesig
38. The Jezabels "Synthia" MGM
39. DIIV "Is The Is Are" Captured Tracks
40. Benny Boeldt "8 of Cups" Carpark
41. Radiation City "Synesthetica" Polyvinyl
42. Final Cop "Castaway Lakota" Dub Ditch Picnic
43. Mavis Staples "Living On a High Note" Anti-
44. Thug Entrancer "Arcology" Software
45. v/a "µ20 – 20 Years of Planet Mu" Planet Mu
46. So Pitted "Neo" Sub Pop
47. Crater "Talk to Me So I Can Fall Asleep" Help Yourself
48. Cross Record "Wabi Sabi" Ba Da Bing
49. TEEN "Love Yes" Carpark
50. Glenn Jones "Fleeting" Thrill Jockey
Prince Rama "Xtreme Now" Carpark
La Sera "Music For Listening To Music To" Polyvinyl
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down "A Man Alive" Ribbon Music
Fatima Al Qadiri "Brute" Hyperdub
Lesley Flanigan "Hedera" Physical Editions