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wcbn fm chart february 20, 2017

Hey all,
WCBN just wrapped up our annual fundraiser, think it went pretty well. Also, starting this week we are submitting our charts to NACC every week because who knows what's happening with CMJ. Just so everyone's aware, our current music directors are Paul Simpson (myself) and Chayne Rimkus. Chayne's office hours are Tuesdays 11AM-12:30PM (Eastern) and mine are Wednesdays 6-7PM. We greatly prefer physical media, i.e. CDs and vinyl, over digital downloads. Please send us music in the mail:
515 Thompson St. (Student Activities Bldg.)
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316

wcbn fm chart february 20, 2017 "we get it. they don't."
1. Rebel Kind "Just For Fools" Urinal Cake
2. Austra "Future Politics" Domino
3. Tom Waits For No Man "The Consumption" self-released
4. Cherry Glazerr "Apocalipstick" Secretly Canadian
5. Justice "Woman" Because Music
6. Rob Crozier 5tet "Tall Trees" Rob Crozier Music
7. Priests "Nothing Feels Natural" Sister Polygon
8. The Flaming Lips "Oczy Mlody" Warner Bros.
9. Homeshake "Fresh Air" Sinderlyn
10. PVT "New Spirit" Felte
11. Foxygen "Hang" Jagjaguwar
12. Run the Jewels "Run the Jewels 3" self-released
13. The Stargazer's Assistant "Remoteness of Light" House of Mythology
14. v/a "Cologne Curiosities: The Unknown Krautrock Underground 1972-1976" Mental Experience
15. Joe McPhee "Flowers" Cipsela
16. Timothy Monger "Amber Lantern" Northern Detective
17. Fred Thomas "Changer" Polyvinyl
18. Stef Chura "Messes" Urinal Cake
19. Kelly Jean Caldwell Band "Downriver" Outer Limits Lounge
20. Tinariwen "Elwan" Anti-
21. Bonobo "Migration" Ninja Tune
22. Syren "Love a 1000 Faces" Buttons Touching Productions
23. The xx "I See You" Young Turks
24. Cuddle Magic "Ashes/Axis" Northern Spy
25. Emptyset "Borders" Thrill Jockey
26. Noveller "A Pink Sunset For No One" Fire
27. Kid Koala "Music To Draw To: Satellite" Arts & Crafts
28. Sohn "Rennen" 4AD
29. Ariel Pink/Weyes Blood "Myths 002" Mexican Summer
30. Surfer Blood "Snowdonia" Joyful Noise
31. Sacred Paws "Strike a Match" Rock Action
32. Youandewan "There is No Right Time" Aus Music
33. Whetzel "Beatology, Vol. 1" self-released
34. Marc Chan "My Wounded Head 3" Mode
35. Ahoe-Ahoea "True Love Never Dies" Bunkerpop
36. Joan of Arc "He's Got the Whole This Land is Your Land in His Hands" Joyful Noise
37. Mica Levi "Jackie [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]" Milan
38. Hypnopazuzu "Create Christ, Sailor Boy" House of Mythology
39. Dos Santos Anti-Beat Orquesta "Fonographic" Electric Cowbell
40. Soul Clap "s/t" !K7
41. Fullblast "Risc" Trost
42. GosT "Non Paradisi" Blood Music
43. Yarn/Wire "Currents Vol. 4" self-released
44. v/a "Volumes" Picture in My Ear
45. Sao Paulo Underground "Cantos Invisiveis" Cuneiform
46. Regrettes "Feel Your Feelings Fool!" Warner Bros.
47. FaltyDL "Heaven is For Quitters" Blueberry
48. Neil Young "Peace Trail" Reprise
49. v/a "20 Years of Victory" Catskills
50. Noura Mint Seymali "Arbina" Glitterbeat
Frontier Ruckus "Enter the Kingdom" Sitcom Universe
Moiré "No Future" Ghostly International
Mind Over Mirrors "Undying Color" Paradise of Bachelors
Brokeback "Illinois River Valley Blues" Thrill Jockey
Xiu Xiu "Forget" Polyvinyl