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wcbn fm chart november 14, 2016

wcbn fm chart november 14, 2016 "two e-cigs for legs"
1. Tyvek "Origin of What" In the Red
2. The Intended "Time Will Tell" In the Red
3. TAD "God's Balls" Sub Pop
4. Oozing Wound "Whatever Forever" Thrill Jockey
5. L'Orange and Mr. Lif "The Life and Death of Scenery" Mello Music Group
6. Nico Muhly and Teitur "Confessions" Nonesuch
7. Cellular Chaos "Diamond Teeth Clenched" Skin Graft
8. Camp Candle "s/t" self-released
9. LVL UP "Return to Love" Sub Pop
10. starRo "Monday" self-released
11. The Lemon Twigs "Do Hollywood" 4AD
12. Takuya Kuroda "Zigzagger" Concord
13. Springtime Carnivore "Midnight Room" Autumn Tone
14. Bon Iver "22, A Million" Jagjaguwar
15. Manatee Commune "s/t" Bastard Jazz
16. Angel Olsen "My Woman" Jagjaguwar
17. Benoit Pioulard "The Benoit Pioulard Listening Matter" Kranky
18. Storm Ross "Welcome, Sunshine" Satellite Records
19. Weyes Blood "Front Row Seat to Earth" Mexican Summer
20. A Tribe Called Red "We Are the Halluci Nation" Radicalized
21. S U R V I V E "RR7349" Relapse
22. GOAT "Requiem" Sub Pop
23. Conor Oberst "Ruminations" Nonesuch
24. Balkan Beat Box "Shout It Out" self-released
25. Lee Fields & the Expressions "Special Night" Big Crown
26. NxWorries "Yes Lawd!" Stones Throw
27. E "s/t" Thrill Jockey
28. Papa M "Highway Songs" Drag City
29. Eki Shola "Final Beginning" self-released
30. Wax Tailor "By Any Beats Necessary" Le Plan
31. Kishi Bashi "Sonderlust" Joyful Noise
32. Beats Antique "Shadowbox" Beats Antique Records
33. Kayo Dot "Plastic House on Base of Sky" The Flenser
34. Ravi Shankar "In Hollywood 1971" Northern Spy
35. The Hecks "s/t" Trouble in Mind
36. Regina Spektor "Remember Us to Life" Sire
37. Sonny Knight and the Lakers "Sooner or Later" Secret Stash
38. Las Kellies "Friends and Lovers" Fire
39. Jenny Hval "Blood Bitch" Sacred Bones
40. David Shea "Piano 1" Room40
41. Elder Ones "Holy Science" Northern Spy
42. Pierce Warnecke "Memory Fragments" Room40
43. Morricone Youth "The Adventures of Prince Achmed" Country Club
44. Soft Hair "s/t" Weird World
45. Quentin Tolimieri "Piano" pfMENTUM
46. CAM "True or False?" Skrat
47. The Range "Super Impose" Domino
48. Radian "On Dark Silent Off" Thrill Jockey
49. Sam Kogon "Psychic Tears" Beyond Beyond is Beyond
50. Jonathan Finlayson "Moving Still" Pi
James Chance and the Contortions "The Flesh is Weak" True Groove
Kastle "Reflections" Symbols
Heimer "Teilzeit Swag" Tomlab
Sad13 "Slugger" Carpark
The Schwartz-Fox Blues Crusade "Sunday Morning Revival" Smog Veil