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wcbn fm chart october 31, 2016

wcbn fm chart october 31, 2016 "footbasefootball"
1. Wax Tailor "By Any Beats Necessary" Le Plan
2. GOAT "Requiem" Sub Pop
3. Modality "Under the Shadow of This Red Rock" House of Watts
4. Mndsgn "Body Wash" Stones Throw
5. Danny and the Darleans "Bug Out" In the Red
6. Nephew "After School Special" Atrium Tapes
7. S U R V I V E "RR7349" Relapse
8. clipping. "Splendor & Misery" Sub Pop
9. Adrian Younge "The Electronique Void" Linear Labs
10. A Tribe Called Red "We Are the Halluci Nation" Radicalized
11. Cheap Treasure "Saturn Soul" self-released
12. STS9 "The Universe Inside" 1320 Records
13. Monogamy "Semifloral [EP]" Almost Halloween Time/Citizen of the World/Side Wound Worship
14. Weyes IBlood "Front Row Seat to Earth" Mexican Summer
15. Roy Montgomery "R M H Q: Headquarters" Grapefruit
16. starRo "Monday" self-released
17. Powell "Sport" XL
18. Real Numbers "Wordless Wonder" Slumberland
19. Dom La Nena "Cantando EP" Six Degrees
20. Morricone Youth "Night of the Living Dead" Country Club
21. Forma "Physicalist" Kranky
22. Angel Olsen "My Woman" Jagjaguwar
23. Moby & the Void Pacific Choir "These Systems Are Failing" Little Idiot
24. Cellular Chaos "Diamond Teeth Clenched" Skin Graft
25. Oval "Popp" Uovooo
26. The Wytches "All Your Happy Life" PIAS/Heavenly
27. Grumbling Fur "FurFour" Thrill Jockey
28. Saqqara Mastabas "Libras" Joyful Noise
29. Ritual Howls "Into the Water" Felte
30. Minihorse "Big Lack" Friendship Fever
31. Child Sleep "Secondary Forest" self-released
32. Telementals "Universal Burst" self-released
33. Storm Ross "Welcome, Sunshine" Satellite Records
34. Benoit Pioulard "The Benoit Pioulard Listening Matter" Kranky
35. Paul Vornhagen "Trust Your Heart" PKO
36. Black Marble "It's Immaterial" Ghostly International
37. Blues Control "Oldenuff2knobetta: The Mixtape" self-released
38. Kool Keith "Feature Magnetic" Mello Music Group
39. Duchess Says "Sciences Nouvelles" Slovenly
40. De La Soul "And the Anonymous Nobody" A.O.I
41. Psychic Twin "Strange Diary" Polyvinyl
42. Tensnake "Freundchen X Desire [EP]" True Romance
43. Friendships "Nullarbor 1988-1989" Mansions
44. Madeira "Bad Humors" Captured Tracks
45. Jenny Hval "Blood Bitch" Sacred Bones
46. Devata Daun "Look" Pytch
47. Tim Presley "The Wink" Drag City
48. Pixies "Head Carrier" PIAS
49. Flock of Dimes "If You See Me, Say Yes" Partisan
50. Fudge "Lady Parts" Lex
Stef Chura & Anna Burch "Split [EP]" Palm Tapes
v/a "Northern Palms Volume One" Palm Tapes
NxWorries "Yes Lawd!" Stones Throw
Muuy Biien "Age of Uncertainty" Autumn Tone
Snow Ghosts "Husk" Houndstooth