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wcbn fm chart february 19 2018

Hey all,
We're done with our fundraiser week, so things should be back to normal here...
Also big shout out and a hats off to Cuneiform, who sent us their last adds package before they stop releasing music. We have always been major supporters of them, and we're sad to see them go!

wcbn fm chart february 19 2018 "don't sniff inhalants"
1. The Go! Team "Semicircle" Memphis Industries
2. Anna Burch "Quit the Curse" Polyvinyl
3. Tune-Yards "I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life" 4AD
4. Lane 8 "Little By Little" This Never Happened
5. Leila Gobi "2017" Clermont
6. v/a "Invenciones: La Otra Vanguardia Musical En Lationamérica 1976-1988" Munster
7. Jupiter & Okwess "Kin Sonic" Glitterbeat
8. v/a "Beatfreak! Vol. 7" Particles
9. Charles Trees "EP" Vanity Press Records
10. Color Plus "EP" Vanity Press
11. v/a "Dr. Demento Covered In Punk" Demented Punk Records
12. Nightmares on Wax "Shape the Future" Warp
13. The James Hunter Six "Whatever It Takes" Daptone
14. Profligate "Somewhere Else" Wharf Cat
15. Renata Zeiguer "Old Ghost" Northern Spy
16. Leyya "Sauna" Las Vegas Records
17. Hovvdy "Cranberry" Double Double Whammy
18. Mdou Moctar "Sousoume Tamachek" Sahel Sounds
19. 1970s Film Stock "Birds" Fire Talk
20. Dawn People "The Star Is Your Future" DFA
21. Petit Biscuit "Presence" M-Theory
22. Kelela "Take Me Apart" Warp
23. Andreas Spechtl "Thinking About Tomorrow, And How to Build It" Bureau B
24. Kuniyuki Takahashi "Newwave Project" Mule Musiq
25. The Tear Garden "Eye Spy Volume 2" Metropolis
26. King Ayisoba "1000 Can Die" Glitterbeat
27. Siriusmo "Comic" Monkeytown
28. Vacivus "Temple of the Abyss" Profound Lore
29. Der Plan "Unkapitulierbar" Bureau B
30. Shells "Shells 2" Ginkgo
31. Emancipator "Baralku" Loci
32. The She's "All Female Rock And Roll Quartet" Empty Cellar
33. Expletive "EP" Vanity Press
34. Funkadelic "Reworked by Detroiters" Westbound
35. Lipstick Jodi "s/t" self-released
36. Distant Creatures "Snares in Safe Harbors" self-released
37. Dream Wife "s/t" Lucky Number Nine
38. Suss "Ghost Box" self-released
39. Panda Bear "A Day with the Homies" Domino
40. Angel Olsen "Phases" Jagjaguwar
41. Porches "The House" Domino
42. Oddisee & Good Compny "Beneath the Surface (Live)" Mello Music Group
43. Julie & the Wrong Guys "s/t" Dine Alone
44. Auburn Lull "Hypha" Azure Vista
45. Makaya McCraven "Highly Rare" International Anthem
46. Nils Frahm "All Melody" Erased Tapes
47. Poppy Ackroyd "Resolve" One Little Indian
48. De Lux "More Disco Songs About Love" Innovative Leisure
49. Jeff Snyder "Sunspots" Carrier
50. The Prids "Do I Look Like I'm In Love?" This-a-Way Records
Starchild & the New Romantic "Language" Ghostly International
Screaming Females "All At Once" Don Giovanni Records
The Ed Palermo Big Band "The Adventures of Zodd Zundgren" Cuneiform
Art Zoyd "44 ½: Live and Unreleased Works" Cuneiform
Schnellertollermeier "Rights" Cuneiform
Raoul Björkenheim/Ecstasy "Doors of Perception" Cuneiform
Femi Kuti "One People One World" Knitting Factory
Sonido Gallo Negro "Mambo Cosmico" Glitterbeat
Vitalic "Voyager" Citizen
Ride "Tomorrow's Shore" Wichita

DJ Chill Will of the University of Michigan's WCBN 88.3 FM. Home of the longest running Hip Hop show in the Mid-West and maybe the country.. Check out our Top 40 chart Feb 14, 2018. And be sure to tune into the show weekly on 88.3 FM in the Ann Arbor/Metro Detroit area or at www.wcbn.org Saturday night's from 9pm until 12am est.

What's the deal folks? Big weekend with Talib Kweli on Sunday at The Blind Pig. Gonna be a dope show and standing room only. Also big shout to the homie DJ Redd out of Toledo by way of Cincinnati. Gonna rock a all female DJ event at All Star weekend, big up to Redd who's been grindin for a minute. Don't forget you can check me out in the mix Monday thru Friday from 3pm to 4pm pst. for the Hot Mix on SwurvRadio.com - Internet Hip Hop Radio , and KRYC 105.9 Yuba City/Sacramento and WWHP 107.4 on Saturday Nights. For more about me: DJ Chill Will goto:www.facebook.com/djchillwill734,www.twitter.com/chillwill734


1, YSL, Stop Scheming (No Bully Zone), RazorKut
2, Tribeca-Grand, Take A Knee, TGR 
3, Flyy Drexler, Bring You Down, SNMG
4, B Bandz, Fresh, TST Legacy
5, GUNPLAY feat PJK  Go Nuts   Cleopatra Records
6,GUWII KIDZ f/ Fetty Wap  Please Don't Call Me RFG/ AMG
7,Tribeca-Grand, NY-PHI, TGR Records
8, CONCEPTZ f/ Styles P  Grindmode,Hydra Mgmt. Records

10, QUINCEY WHITE  Los Scadalous Times  Overdeliver Ent / Empire
11, THE WeRdoZe feat Mars Deli  Coa$tinnnnn  Righteous M.O.B. Ent.
12, BUDDY McLAIN , On The Other , McLain Music LLC
13, Manorail feat. Sadat X & Punchline, Habitat, Loyalty Digital Corp
14, NARCOTIC The Music  Syrka Records
15, Likk Gang, Faces, Multi Mogul Media
16, Run The Jewels, Legend Has It, Run The Jewels 
17, Wildabeast, Problem, Dog Food Mgnt
18, The High Children, The Underground Sound, White Label
19,  Antnee Mac, Serenity, Mack Mob
20, THA FLIGHT BOYS  Wet Wet  White Label
21, Likk Gang, Forever, Multi Mogul Media 
22, Pearl Harba "Fugitive From Love" feat. Lil' Fame of M.O.P. (Pearl Harba Music) 
23, DUB ESQUIRE  The Warning  Misfit Musick
24, DJ HERON & SERUM,  Lonely Days , TyrannoSerum Records/Addictive Affairs
25, Scarlit, Bass Sick, Symphonic Dist.
26, SUSPENS JR.  ,Hulk  ,Suspens Recording
27, Kritta, Black Orchid, KMI
28, Young T.J., Drop Top, Top Notch Music
29, Run The Jewels, Talk To Me, Run The Jewels
30, Gensu Dean, Where Is The Love, Mello Music
31, KING MIZ  Religion  Lost Citi LLC
32, Homie John f/ Tony Tone, Good People, White Label
33, Suspens, How I Feel, Suspens Recordings
34, Kyle Knight, Hey Sister, Kyle P Lyric
35, Mr. Dalvin feat GOODZ  Vindication (Get Money)  Christo Chrome Music
36, Kasha, There She Go, Kasha Ent.
37, Greenspan feat. Skyzoo "Stay Down" (HiPNOTT Records)
38, S.I.X. Fif  ,MILF,  75 Girls
39, Slaine vs. Termanology, Anti-Hero, Brick Records
40, Sevens Muzik ft. James Debarge, It's all because..., Hellafyde Music

1. ONYX feat Skyzoo  F'in Rockstars  TopNotch Music
2.ARASH  Crumble  SoFull Entertainment

KRYC 105.9 Yuba City / Sacramento 
WUVS The Beat 103.7FM


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