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wcbn fm chart january 22 2018

wcbn fm chart january 22 2018 "hooting and stomping and THUNDEH"
1. v/a "Dr. Demento Covered In Punk" Demented Punk Records
2. Shells "Shells 2" Ginkgo Records
3. Monster Rally "Flowering jungle" Gold Robot
4. Fever Ray "Plunge" Mute
5. Ueno Takashi "Smoke Under the Water" Room40
6. Angel Olsen "Phases" Jagjaguwar
7. Funkadelic "Reworked By Detroiters" Westbound
8. Cindy Wilson "Change" Kill Rock Stars
9. v/a "Invenciones: La Otra Vanguardia Musical En Lationamérica 1976-1988" Munster
10. Kuniyuki Takahashi "Newwave Project" Mule Musiq
11. A Certain Ratio "Force" Mute
12. Profligate "Somewhere Else" Wharf Cat
13. C-Schulz "Frühe Jahre" Unseen Worlds
14. Gajek "'17" Monkeytown
15. Siriusmo "Comic" Monkeytown
16. Ikebe Shakedown "The Way Home" Colemine
17. Charles Trees "EP" Vanity Press Records
18. Force Placement/Val G "split 7-inch" Vanity Press Records
19. Expletive "EP" Vanity Press Records
20. Color Plus "EP" Vanity Press Records
21. Distant Creatures "Snares in Safe Harbors" self-released 
22. Molly Jones "Microliths" Polyfold
23. Panda Bear "A Day With the Homies" Domino
24. Petit Biscuit "Presence" M-Theory
25. Sun Ra "Discipline 27-II" Corbett Vs. Dempsey
26. Pauline Anna Strom "Trans-Millenia Music" Rvng Intl
27. Nabihah Iqbal "Weighing of the Heart" Ninja Tune
28. Björk "Utopia" One Little Indian
29. Paul Steven Ray's BlueBlack Dream "Maps" self-released
30. The She's "All Female Rock And Roll Quartet" Empty Cellar
31. Psudoku "Deep Space Psudokument" Selfmadegod
32. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard "Polygondwanaland" ATO
33. Graham Repulski "Permission to Love" Shorter Recordings
34. Four Tet "New Energy" Text
35. Robert Haigh "Creatures of the Deep" Unseen Worlds
36. Lindstrøm "It's Alright Between Us As It Is" Smalltown Supersound
37. Mura Masa "s/t" Polydor/Anchor Point/Downtown/Geffen
38. NHK yx Koyxen "Exit Entrance" DFA
39. OCS "Memory of a Cut Off Head" Castle Face
40. Colleen "A Flame My Love, A Frequency" Thrill Jockey
41. v/a "ABC 20" Abaton Book Company
42. Death of Lovers "The Acrobat" Dais
43. Daoko "Thank You Blue" Toy's Factory
44. FP-Oner "7" Mule Musiq
45. The Prids "Do I Look Like I'm In Love?" This-a-Way Records
46. Pollens "Mister Manufacture" self-released
47. Kelela "Take Me Apart" Warp
48. Destroyer "Ken" Merge
49. The Luxembourg Signal "Blue Field" Shelflife
50. More Eaze "bodiezNc0de" Self Sabotage
Vazum "s/t EP" self-released
Johnny Jewel "Digital Rain" Italians Do It Better
The Spook School "Could It Be Different?" Slumberland
Nightmares On Wax "Shape the Future" Warp
Vyy "Ardorous Gyre" Eternal Research
Khruangbin "Con Todo El Mundo" Dead Oceans
Terminal Mind "Recordings" Sonic Surgery
Lane 8 "Little By Little" This Never Happened
De Lux "More Disco Songs About Love" Innovative Leisure
AJ Ghent "The Neo Blues Project" Ropeadope