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wcbn fm chart april 24, 2017

this new GAS album!! easily the best surprise return of the year so far. couldn't be happier. the packaging is excellent as well, of course.
also, Ann Arbor's own Justin Walter (who plays trumpet in NOMO) has a new album on Kranky that is also not to be missed.

wcbn fm chart april 24, 2017 "porntipsguzzardo"
1. Julia Holter "In the Same Room" Domino
2. The Lickets "Offering to Magnetic Mountain" International Corporation
3. Sneaks "It's a Myth" Merge
4. The Black Angels "Death Song" Partisan
5. Magnetic Fields "50 Song Memoir" Nonesuch
6. Wolf Eyes "Undertow" Lower Floor Music
7. Ondatropica "Baile Bucanero" Soundway
8. Mario Batkovic "s/t" Invada
9. Throwaway "Milk Song [single]" self-released
10. Bonny Doon "s/t" Salinas
11. Raven Love and the 27's "Shameless" self-released
12. Tuxedo "II" Stones Throw
13. Jacaszek "Kwiaty" Ghostly International
14. Ian David Rosenbaum "Memory Palace" VIA Records
15. Carl Stone "Electronic Music from the Seventies and Eighties" Unseen Worlds
16. Cilantro Boombox "Shine" self-released
17. Actress "AZD" Ninja Tune
18. Lawrence English "Cruel Optimism" Room40
19. v/a "Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu" Uzelli
20. Future Islands "The Far Field" 4AD
21. Father John Misty "Pure Comedy" Sub Pop
22. Shobaleader One "Elektrac" Warp
23. v/a "Spiritual Jazz Volume 7 – Islam" Jazzman
24. Gas "Narkopop" Kompakt
25. Justin Walter "Unseen Forces" Kranky
26. ADULT. "Detroit House Guests" Mute
27. Craig Brown Band "The Lucky Ones Forget" Third Man
28. Timothy Monger "Amber Lantern" Northern Detective
29. Ron Zakrin "One in a Million" Equal Recordings
30. The Beau Biens "Times Passed [Single]" Malibu Records
31. Viki Viktoria "New Victorian" Midwich Productions
32. Ian Ginsing "Cosmetic Blemish" Equal Recordings
33. Sweet Maya "s/t" Luv N' Haight
34. Spoon "Hot Thoughts" Matador
35. Thundercat "Drunk" Brainfeeder
36. Damaged Bug "Bunker Funk" Castle Face
37. Valerie June "The Order of Time" Concord
38. Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang "Build Music" Luaka Bop
39. Dawn Richard "Redemption" Local Action/Our Dawn
41. Kreidler "European Song" Bureau B
42. La Féline "Triomphe" Kwaidan/!K7
43. R. Ring "Ignite the Rest" SofaBurn
44. Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2 "Star Stuff" Company
45. Lusine "Sensorimotor" Ghostly International
46. Blanck Mass "World Eater" Sacred Bones
47. Xiu Xiu "Forget" Polyvinyl
48. Pick a Piper "Distance" Tin Angel
49. Ty Segall "s/t" Drag City
50. Anjou "Epythmía" Kranky
Alison Hendrix "None of These Songs Are About You" self-released
Dreamdecay "YÚ" Iron Lung
Slowdive "s/t" Dead Oceans
Sixo "The Odds of Free Will" Fake Four Inc.
Woods "Love is Love" Woodsist
Cameron Graves "Planetary Prince" Mack Avenue
Trombone Shorty "Parking Lot Symphony" Blue Note
Golden Pelicans "Disciples of Blood" Goner
Joe Goddard "Electric Lines" Greco-Roman/Domino
BNQT "Volume 1" Dualtone


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