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wcbn fm chart july 18, 2016

wcbn fm chart july 18, 2016 "you buffer, but why?"
1. Swans "The Glowing Man" Young God
2. Evan Haywood "Ramshackles" Black Ram Records
3. Snakepiss "Knives" Chambray Records
4. Melvins "Basses Loaded" Ipecac
5. Jameszoo "Fool" Brainfeeder
6. Aphex Twin "Cheetah" Warp
7. Sunburst "Ave Africa" Strut
8. Holy Fuck "Congrats" Innovative Leisure
9. Debo Band "Ere Gobez" FPE
10. DJ Shadow "The Mountain Will Fall" Mass Appeal
11. Zuluzuluu "What's the Price" Sound Verite
12. Adult Jazz "Earrings Off!" Tri Angle
13. Glenn Branca "Symphony No. 13 (Hallucination City)" Atavistic
14. Hydropark "s/t" Syncro System
15. Failed Flowers "s/t" 25 Diamonds
16. BadBadNotGood "IV" Innovative Leisure
17. clipping. "Wriggle" Sub Pop
18. Jeff Parker "The New Breed" International Anthem
19. Heliotropes "Over There That Way" The End
20. Pale Dian "Narrow Birth" Manifesto
21. John Zorn "Madrigals" Tzadik
22. Ryan Huber "Comoros" Inam Records
23. Vivien Goldman "Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982)" Staubgold
24. MV Carbon "The Sun Will Turn On You" Discombobulate
25. Fumiya Tanaka "You Find the Key" Perlon
26. Peter Bjorn and John "Breaking Point" Kobalt/Ingrid
27. Plaid "The Digging Remedy" Warp
28. case/lang/veirs "s/t" Anti-
29. The Cult of Lip "Right Now [EP]" Mpls Ltd
30. Garbage and the Flowers "Deep Niche" Grapefruit
31. Sand "His First Steps" Rotorelief
32. Nick Monaco "Half Naked" Crew Love
33. Gold Panda "Good Luck and Do Your Best" City Slang
34. Kristin Kontrol "X-Communicate" Sub Pop
35. Aesop Rock "The Impossible Kid" Rhymesayers
36. Klaus Johann Grobe "Spagat Der Liebe" Trouble In Mind
37. Guido Mobius "Batagur Baska" Shitkatapult
38. Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band "Wede Harer Guzo" Awesome Tapes From Africa
39. Perturbator "The Uncanny Valley" Blood Music
40. Guyer's Connection "s/t" Crash Symbols
41. GøGGS "GøGGS" In the Red
42. Male Gaze "King Leer" Castle Face
43. Orchestra of Spheres "Brothers and Sisters of the Black Lagoon" Fire
44. Wye Oak "Tween" Merge
45. Moth Eggs "Adventures Away" OSR Tapes
46. CE Schneider Topical "Antifree" OSR Tapes
47. Spectres "Dead" Sonic Cathedral
48. Joanna Brouk "Hearing Music" Numero Group
49. Leon Vynehall "Rojus (Designed to Dance)" Running Back
50. Clawed "Rob" Lalena
Moonwalks "In Light (The Scales in the Frames)" self-released
Thee Oh Sees "Live in San Francisco" Castle Face
Chrissy & Hawley "s/t" The Nite Owl Diner
CCR Headcleaner "Tear Down the Wall" In the Red
Eric Copeland "Black Bubblegum" DFA