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wcbn fm chart may 30, 2016

This past weekend was the first Trip Metal Fest in Detroit, and I hope it becomes an annual thing because it was truly incredible. It was a free event but I donated anyway because it was totally worth it. The highlight was definitely Hieroglyphic Being with Marshall Allen and Danny Ray Thompson of the Sun Ra Arkestra, which might be the best show I've seen all year. Other favorites included Morton Subotnick (!!!), MV Carbon, Panicsville, Cotton Museum/Ape Technology, Pod Blotz, Viki/Magas, Shades, Andrew WK/Nate Young/Twig Harper, etc. 
There's a ton of other shows coming up soon that I'm looking forward to this and next week: The Orb, Jandek, Ultra Mega Awesome Extreme 9, Matchess...

wcbn fm chart may 30, 2016 "i spit on your rave"
1. Konono No. 1 & Batida "Konono No. 1 Meets Batida" Crammed Discs
2. Mountains & Rainbows "Particles" Castle Face
3. The Macpodz "Underwater Encounter" self-released
4. Vivien Goldman "Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982)" Staubgold
5. Pantha du Prince "The Triad" Rough Trade
6. Cha Wa "Funk 'N' Feathers" UPT
7. Norman Westberg "MRI" Room40
8. Julianna Barwick "Will" Dead Oceans
9. Debo Band "Ere Gobez" FPE
10. Joanna Brouk "Hearing Music" Numero Group
11. M83 "Junk" Mute
12. MM Studio "Good Star Dubs" Albumlabel
13. Jessy Lanza "Oh No" Hyperdub
14. Niagara "Hyperocean" Monotreme
15. Imarhan "s/t" City Slang
16. JuliaWhy? "Wheel" Exxe
17. Fruit Bats "Absolute Loser" Easy Sound
18. LUH "Spiritual Songs for Lovers to Sing" Mute
19. Sonny & the Sunsets "Moods Baby Moods" Polyvinyl
20. Sumac "What One Becomes" Thrill Jockey
21. Andy Stott "Too Many Voices" Modern Love
22. Programm "A Torrid Marriage of Logic & Emotion" The Hand
23. Adia Victoria "Beyond the Bloodhounds" Canvasback
24. Young Magic "Still Life" Carpark
25. Tourist "U" Monday 
26. Ash Koosha "I AKA I" Ninja Tune
27. Yak "Alas Salvation" Octopus Electrical
28. Ratkiller "Odor Orienting" Crash Symbols
29. Troller "Graphic" Holodeck
30. Ital Tek "Hollowed" Planet Mu
31. Eighth Blackbird "Hand Eye" Cedille Records
32. Horse Lords "Interventions" Northern Spy
33. Moderat "III" Mute
34. Iggy Pop "Post Pop Depression" Loma Vista
35. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds "La Araña Es La Vida" In the Red
36. DJ Katapila "Trotro" Awesome Tapes From Africa
37. Bleached "Welcome the Worms" Dead Oceans
38. Mark Pritchard "Under the Sun" Warp
39. Anohni "Hopelessness" Secretly Canadian
40. Parquet Courts "Human Performance" Rough Trade
41. Piney Gir "Mr Hyde's Wild Ride" Greyday
42. Tacocat "Lost Time" Hardly Art
43. Laura Gibson "Empire Builder" Barsuk
44. Islands "Taste" Manqué Music
45. Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy "Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties" Drag City
46. White Lung "Paradise" Domino
47. Oscar "Cut and Paste" Wichita
48. CE Schneider Topical "Antifree" OSR Tapes
49. Moth Eggs "Adventures Away" OSR Tapes
50. Pale Dian "Narrow Birth" Manifesto
Spray Paint "Feel the Clamps" Goner
Holy Fuck "Congrats" Innovative Leisure
Gold Panda "Good Luck and Do Your Best" City Slang
Useless Eaters "Relaxing Death" Castle Face
Aukai "s/t" self-released