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wcbn fm chart march 23, 2015

doing charts from austin. flying home tomorrow and back to real life on wednesday. also, Demdike Stare is playing the Ann Arbor Film Festival on that day and i am super stoked.

wcbn fm chart march 23, 2015 "i'll punch you in the gulliver"
1. Jib Kidder "Teaspoon to the Ocean" Weird World
2. Michna "Thousand Thursday" Ghostly International
3. John Carpenter "Lost Themes" Sacred Bones
4. NHK "Program" Line
5. Björk "Vulnicura" One Little Indian
6. Public Service Broadcasting "The Race for Space" Test Card
7. Future Brown "s/t" Warp
8. Dengue Fever "The Deepest Lake" Tuk Tuk
9. Tuxedo "s/t" Stones Throw
10. D'Angelo & the Vanguard "Black Messiah" RCA
11. Colleen Green "I Want to Grow Up" Hardly Art
12. Ecid "Pheromone Heavy" Fill In the Blanks
13. Jan St. Werner "Miscontinuum Album" Thrill Jockey
14. Invisible Familiars "Disturbing Wildlife" Other Music
15. Red Baraat "Gaadi of Truth" Sinj Records
16. Mark Ronson "Uptown Special" RCA
17. Jeff Rosenstock "We Cool?" SideOneDummy
18. Wendy Atkinson "The Last Fret" Smarten Up! & Get To The Point
19. JD McPherson "Let the Good Times Roll" Rounder
20. Hot Sugar "God's Hand" Break World Records
21. Bonny Doon "s/t [EP]" Salinas Records
22. Beardyman "Distractions" Tummy Touch
23. Evans The Death "Expect Delays" Slumberland
24. Father John Misty "I Love You, Honeybear" Sub Pop
25. Diamond Rugs "Cosmetics" Sycamore/Thirty Tigers
26. Marching Church "This World Is Not Enough" Sacred Bones
27. Ray Sammartano "Dark Matter Sunshine" self-released
28. The Body and Thou "You, Whom I Have Always Hated" Thrill Jockey
29. Sunflower Bean "Show Me Your Seven Secrets" self-released
30. Max Cooper "Artefact" Fields
31. King Woman "Doubt" The Flenser
32. Sleater-Kinney "No Cities to Love" Sub Pop
33. The Notwist "Messier Objects" Alien Transistor
34. Humans "Noontide" Hybridity
35. Windmills "Broken Record" self-released
36. Screaming Females "Rose Mountain" Don Giovanni
37. Dark Sunny Land "s/t" One Hand
38. Krill "A Distant Fist Unclenching" Exploding In Sound/Double Double Whammy
39. Crown Larks "Blood Dancer" self-released
40. Natalie Prass "s/t" Startime
41. Smokin' Joe Kubek & B'nois King "Fat Man's Shine Parlor" Blind Pig
42. Thee-Xntrx "All Your Friend's Friends" Fake Four Inc.
43. Seinabo Sey "For Madeleine" Virgin
44. Rima Kato "Faintly Lit" flau
45. Matana Roberts "Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee" Constellation
46. Jaga Jazzist "'94-'14" Ninja Tune
47. Danny Kroha "Angels Watching Over Me" Third Man
48. Dan Deacon "Gliss Riffer" Domino
49. Johan Agebjörn "Notes" Paper Bag
50. Moon Duo "Shadow of the Sun" Sacred Bones
Lightning Bolt "Fantasy Empire" Thrill Jockey
Liturgy "The Ark Work" Thrill Jockey
Segv/Appian "Slyfox002" Sly Fox Records
Fritz Kalkbrenner "Ways Over Water" Suol
Chastity Belt "Time To Go Home" Hardly Art