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wcbn fm chart february 9, 2015

Welcome to a world in which Aphex Twin has won a Grammy.
WCBN is now in the midst of our annual fundraiser week, we started this past Friday and we're already 2/5 of the way to our $50,000 goal, we'll be doing this until Sunday. wcbn.org/donate if you're interested in helping, we have swag available for pledges. On Wednesday, Danny Kroha will be live in the studio on our Local Music Show, so that's rad.
Other than that, this past weekend I saw Marshall Allen and a few other members of the Sun Ra Arkestra. Marshall Allen is 90 years old and he gave the most energetic performance I've seen in a long time. He was on fire! True cosmic energy has no age.
His Name Is Alive is doing their 25th anniversary tour and will be playing at the Magic Stick on Saturday, so that is my plan for the night. 
Trying to decide if Matana Roberts, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma or Johan Agebjörn have made my favorite album of the year so far. 3-way tie!

wcbn fm chart february 9, 2015 "#billyjoelsucks"
1. Jib Kidder "Teaspoon to the Ocean" Weird World
2. Panda Bear "Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper" Domino
3. His Name Is Alive "Tecuciztecatl" London London
4. Aphex Twin "Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments, Pt 2 [EP]" Warp
5. Levon's Helmet "Have the Best Day" self-released
6. Jaga Jazzist "'94-'14" Ninja Tune
7. John Carpenter "Lost Themes" Sacred Bones
8. Thurston Moore/John Moloney: Caught On Tape "Full Bleed" Northern Spy
9. Second Culture "Thunder Conjuring Mind" self-released
10. Danny Kroha "Angels Watching Over Me" Third Man
11. Bonny Doon "s/t [EP]" Salinas Records
12. Sleater-Kinney "No Cities to Love" Sub Pop
13. Hate My Day Jobs "Mouth On Fire" self-released
14. Happy Family "Minimal Gods" Cuneiform
15. Acid Baby Jesus "Selected Recordings" Slovenly
16. TV On the Radio "Seeds" Harvest
17. Else Marie Pade and Jacob Kirkegaard "Svaevninger" Important
18. v/a "Blues Mix Vol. 15: Down Home Soul" Ecko
19. Michna "Thousand Thursday" Ghostly International
20. Matana Roberts "Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee" Constellation
21. Jessica Pratt "On Your Own Love Again" Drag City
22. Ty Segall Band "Live In San Francisco" Castle Face
23. Jan St. Werner "Miscontinuum Album" Thrill Jockey
24. Dobet Gnahore "Na Dre" Contre-Jour
25. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma "A Year with 13 Moons" Mexican Summer
26. Mount Eerie "Sauna" P.W. Elverum & Sun
27. Heroes of the Dancefloor "Shelter" self-released
28. Ricked Wicky "I Sell the Circus" GBV Inc.
29. Future of What "Pro Dreams" Feat. Drake
30. Pond "Man, It Feels Like Space Again" self-released
31. Machinedrum "Vapor City Archives" Ninja Tune
32. Nots "We Are Nots" Goner
33. Smokin' Joe Kubek & B'nois King "Fat Man's Shine Parlor" Blind Pig
34. Chris Herbert "Constants" Room40
35. Dylan Ryan/Sand "Circa" Cuneiform
36. The Aquadolls "Stoked On You" Burger
37. Laleh "Boom" Island
38. Melodysheep "Midnight Sun" self-released
39. Tapes and Topographies" s/t" Simulacra
40. Belle & Sebastian "Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance" Matador
41. Disappears "Irreal" Kranky
42. Aaron Dilloway "The Beauty Bath" Hanson
43. Adrian Rew "Slot Machine Music" Hanson
44. The Body and Thou "You, Whom I Have Always Hated" Thrill Jockey
45. Viet Cong "s/t" Jagjaguwar
46. Ideal Bread "Beating The Teens: Songs of Steve Lacy" Cuneiform
47. Tanya Tagaq "Animism" Six Shooter
48. Parquet Courts "Content Nausea" What's Your Rupture?
49. Ting Tings "Super Critical" Finka
50. Bettye LaVette "Worthy" Cherry Red
Johan Agebjörn "Notes" Paper Bag
JD McPherson "Let the Good Times Roll" Rounder
Zs "Xe" Northern Spy
The Notwist "Messier Objects" Alien Transistor
Ex-Cult "Cigarette Machine" Castle Face

DJ Chill Will of the University of Michigan's WCBN 88.3 FM. Home of the longest running Hip Hop show in the Mid-West and maybe the country.
Check out our Top 40 chart Feb 4,2015. And be sure to tune into the show weekly on 88.3 FM in the Ann Arbor/Metro Detroit area or at www.wcbn.orgSaturday night's from 9pm until 12am est.

What's up folks? Gonna keep it short, but were having our station fundraiser for the next 2 weeks. This is how were able to play dope independent music with no commercials for free. So if you can help out it would be greatly appreciated. Don't forget you can check me out in the mix on Friday nights at 1 a.m. on 98.1 WHZT. And Monday thru Friday from 3pm to 4pm pst. for the Hot Mix on www.swurvradio.com For more about me
1. Sean Strange & Mighty Fuzz Young,Independence Day, Nah Bro Ent.
2. MC Lyte,Ball,Sunni Gyrl,Inc
3. Kevin Starr,The movement II,Mello Music Group
4. M-Duece,Heartbreak Season,Loony Productions
5. Kuniva,Derty Headz,McKindley/Federation Records
6. Tyran Brown,Goin Up,Brown Bag Ent
7. The 17th,Don't Care,Loyalty Digital Corp
8. Von Pea & Tie,Other Guys,Chasing Amy aka in My Hearts Hipnott
9. Rock Mecca,Tunnel/Visions,Rebel Vein Ent
10.Sean Strange  & Saigon ,Hear you calling,Nah Bro Ent
11.Diamond District,Working Weekends,Mello Music Group
12.The L.A.C,The Anthem,U.B.O.K
13.Diamond Blue,Keep It 100,Diamond Blue Music Group
14.Termanology,Get Away,St.Brick Records
15.Ghostface Killah,Love Don't Live Here No More,Salutations/TB
16.Suspens,Killin It,Suspens Recording
17.Chinx,Bodies,Coke Boys
18.Timmy Brabston,Thing Poppin,Est 1999
19.Koma , Beirut (Beer Pong), Flam-On Ent
20.Joe Galaxy ,Drinkin The Night Away, Sun Star
21.Audible Doctor,Chocolate Covered Liar,AMO Music
22.The Bodega Brovas,In The Sky,October Media Group
23.B.Wash,I'm Back,Tyme Records
24.Diamond District,Lost Cause,Mellow Music Group
25.Dels,RGB,Big Dada
26.Ikes,Not Commercial,Port Mayfair
27.Bobby"Blue Bland",Ain't no sunshine,Stax/Concord Records
28.Awkword,Got Class,Whitelabel
29.Character Assassins,Paper Shredders,Whitelabel
30.Cymarshall Law,Planet Women,Freedom Ent
31.Mega Kan & Storyville,React,Brick Records
32.Drew Dave,Techno Groove,Mellow Music Group
33.Constant Deviants,The right moment,Six2Six Records
34.1987ers,U know how it iz,Mellow Music Group
35.Priceless,Allday,All My Life,Holla Back Music
36.M.O.P.,187,Nature Sounds
37.J57,Main Event J57rmx,Soulspazm Records
38.L!z,Love My Chick,Tyme Records
39.Cazel Organism,Bubbles,Delicious Vinyl
40.Wedoze,Fire & Water,Righteous,M.O.B Ent LLC

1.PKnuckle Ft Sticky Fingaz, Keep It Coming, Under The Table
2 StoneFace Ft. Freeway, Calico Audio, Gemstarr Regime Records
3..(Re-Add).Pacewon,I want Love,RawPoetix Music
4. Rich Quick, No 1, Exponent

WUVS The Beat 103.7FM


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