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wcbn fm chart 20 July 2009

wcbn fm chart 20 July 2009 "Postcards from Tinybite"



1.             Various "Well Hung: Funk-Rock Eruptions from beneath Communist Hungary" B-Music

2.             Dirty Projectors "Bitte Orca" domino

3.             Music from the Film "World War Tree" self-released

4.             Summer cats "Songs for Tuesdays" Slumberland

5.             Nomo "Invisible Cities" Ubiquity

6.             Major Lazer "Guns don't kill people, lazers do" Downtown

7.    Maher Shalal Hash Baz "C'est la deniere chanson" K

8.             Peter Project "Peter Project" fuzzy logic

9.             Mos Def "The Ecstatic" Downtown

10.          Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens "What have you done, My Brother?" Daptone

11.          Norden Bombsight "Pinto" self-released

12.          Bunnybrains "what makes you think you can save yourself (from yourself)" independent

13.          Mr. Largebeat "Greetings from Out There" Flying Turtle Music

14.          Tyvek "Tyvek" siltbreeze

15.          Alasdair Roberts "Spoils" Drag City

16.          A.R.S.(e) "Errata" Nepenthe

17.          Pine Hill Haints "to Win or to Lose" K

18.          Deastro "moondagger" ghostly

19.          Busdriver "jhelli beam" anti

20.          Allen Toussaint "The Bright Mississippi" Nonesuch

21.          Black Dice "Repo" Paw Tracks

22.          Tortoise "Beacons of Ancestorship" Thrill Jockey 

23.          Stapleface "me and my game bros" banana seat girl

24.          Wavves - "Wavvves" Fat Possum 

25.          Prefuse 73 "Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian" Warp 

26.          Extra Golden - "Thank you Very Quickly" Thrill Jockey 

27.          Viosac "You are planning to enjoy the apocalypse" vats2

28.          Naked on the Vague "Blood Pressure Sessions" Dual Plover

29.          Various  "Shiftless Decay" X Records 

30. Henry Kaiser/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter "Plane Crash" Ugexplode

31.          Loop 2.4.3 "Zodiac Dust" Music Starts from Silence/Analog Arts

32.          Tim Sparks "Little Princess: Tim Sparks plays Naftule Brandwein" Tzadik

33.          Roland P. Young "istet serenade" Is Music 

34.          Brian Glaze "Green Living" World Famous in SF

35.          Dave Fox Group "Home Again" Konnex

36.          Talibam! "Boogie in the Breeze Blocks" ESP Disk

37.          Theo Angell "Tenebrae" Amish

38.          Taiga Remains "Wax Canopy" Digitalis

39.          39 Clocks "Zoned" Destijl

40.          Zach Wallace – "Glass Armonica" Root Strata

41.          Finn "The Best Low-Priced Heartbreakers you can Own" Erased Tapes

42.          Rice Corpse "Mrs. Rice Corpse" Dual Plover

43.          David Rosenboom "How much better if Plymouth rock had landed on the pilgrims" New world 

44.          Ned Bouhalassa "Gratte-cite" Empreintes DIGITALes

45.          Elfin Saddle "Ringing for the Begin Again" Constellation

46.          Respect Sextet  – "The Music of Sun Ra and Stockhausen" Mode

47.          Rozanne Levine and Chakra Tuning "Only moment" Acoustics

48.          Joe Lovano us Five "Folk Art" Blue Note

49.          Alberto Braida "Talus" Newscope Recordings

50.          Our Brother the Native "Sacred Psalms" Fat Cat



 Mr. Largebeat "Upon the mountain" Flying Turtle

Dwayne Leftridge "Coming out of the hermit's cave" Leftridge records


It's DJ Chill Will of the University of Michigan's WCBN 88.3 FM. Home of the longest running Hip Hop show on college radio in the Mid-West and maybe the country. Check our top 30 chart for July 15 and be sure to tune into the show weekly on 88.3 FM. In the Ann Arbor/Metro Detroit area or at www.wcbn.org Saturday nights from 9pm to 12am est.


Had a dope weekend of bangin joints and rockin the club. Shout to everyone I saw Saturday night in the standing room only crowd for the Disregarded show. And damn was it hot in there(Ladies too)!!!!!! This week the new Rakim single dropped and Hip Hop is back in the building. Can't wait for the album. For more information about me DJ Chill Will go to www.myspace.com/djchillwill734


Here is our chart:

1.  Fokis,Show Me The Money,Loyalty Digital Corp  

2.  La Coka Nostra,Choose Your Side,Surburban Noize

3.  Dead Prez,Gangsta,Gangster,Invasion Music Group

4.  Superstar Quamallah,Your Knowledge,Brick/Cotter Records

5.  Statik Selektah,The Thrill Is Gone,Show Off/Brick Records

6.  DKLA,Ungodly,Zeal Entertainment

7.  P.O.L.O.,Y U Hatin,1 In A Million Records

8.  Iyadonna,Respect,White Label

9.  Los Wunder Twins Del Rap,PraticE,LWTDRL

10.Guru,Lost & Found,7Grand Records

11.Fort Knox Fivve,insight,Fort Knox Recordings

12.Perfekt & Chance,Ambush,Gittuff Records

13.Duo Live,I Lead,Redemption Music Group

14.Apsci,Under Control,Quannum

15.Kenzo,Do The Shizz,Gracie Productions

16.Kosha Dillz,Celluar Phone,Coalmine/Kosha Dillz World

17.JS1,Clear N Present Danger,Ground Original/Fatbeats

18.Anonymous Twist,Move On It,Soul On Rice Music

19.Jay Electronica,Exhibit A,Decon

20.Will C,Losers,Brick Records

21.El Greco,Ooh La La,level 3 Productions

22.J Kwon,Louie Bounce,Gracie Productions

23.J Dilla,Reality TV,Nature Sounds

24.Illa J,Sounds Like Love,Delicious Vinyl

25.Duo Live,Give & Take,Redemption Music Group

26.P Novakane,Novakane,V-Boy Music Group

27.Blahzay,Make A Livin,25/8

28.Chubb Rock & Wordsmith,Old 2 The New,Nu Revolution Ent

29.J.D.O.,Here Now,New East Music

30.Eyedea & Abilities,That Way,One League


Cage,Depart From Me,Def jux

Boycott Blue,Chkabloaww,Sun Moon/OTI/Brick Records

Fashawn,Life As A Shorty,One Records

D.O. Stay Drivin,Northstarr Ent

Eyedea & Abilities,Burn Fetish B,W Junk/Rhymesayers



















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