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wcbn fm chart 4 may 2009

wcbn fm chart 4 May 2009 "leather, feathers, strawberry milk"

1. Vaselines "Enter the Vaselines" Sub Pop
2. Music from the Film "Playfully Abrasive" self-released
3. King Khan and the Shrines "What Is?!" Vice
4. Black Joe Lewis "Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears" Lost Highway
5. Zach Wallace – "Glass Armonica" Root Strata
6. Tony Malaby "Paloma Recio" New World
7. Black Dice "Repo" Paw Tracks
8. Blanketship - "Klangwunder" Gigante Sound
9. Elfin Saddle "Ringing for the Begin Again" Constellation
10. Black Merda "Force of Nature" Vampi Soul
11. Emeralds - "What Happened" No Fun
12. Patrick Elkins "Wayang Kucing" Sleepy Mammal Sound
13. Respect Sextet – "The Music of Sun Ra and Stockhausen" Mode
14. Various - "eccentric soul – smart's palace" Numero
15. Wavves - "Wavvves" Fat Possum
16. Loren Connors "The curse of Midnight mary" Family Vineyard
17. Arwulf Arwulf "Reproductive Rights for All Women" Nich Schleppen
18. Booker T – Potato Hole
19. Nomo "Invisible Cities" Ubiquity
20. Diane Marie Kloba "For You Stranger" No label
21. Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. "Lord of the
Underground: vishnu and the magic elixer" alien 8
22. Extra Golden - "Thank you Very Quickly" Thrill Jockey
23. Master Musicians of Jajouka with Bachir Attar "Jajouka Live Vol.
1" Jajouka Records
24. Amadou & Miriam - Welcome to Mali
25. My Cat is an Alien & Enore Zaffiri - "Through the Magnifying Glass
of Tomorrow" Atavistic
26. Mr. Largebeat "Greetings from Out There" Flying Turtle Music
27. Jack DeJohnette "Music We Are" Golden Beams
28. Envenomist "The Helix" Killer Pimp
29. Prefuse 73 "Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian" Warp
30. Land of Kush "Against the Day"
31. Condo Fucks "Fuckbook" Matador
32. Allen Toussaint "The Bright Mississippi" Nonesuch
33. Various "Shiftless Decay" X Records
34. Bio Ritmo "Bionico" Locutor
35. Corey Wilkes "Cries from tha Ghetto" Pi
36. Jason Robinson "Cerberus Rising" Circumvention Music
37. Rudresh Mahanthappa "Apti" Innova
38. Uncle Woody Sullender - "Live at Barkenhoff" Kunstlerhauser Worpswede
39. Univers Zero "Relaps" Cuneiform
40. Arrington de dionyso – "I see beyond the black sun" Kj
41. Pontiak – Maker
42. MV+EE with the Golden Road "Drone Trailer" Dicristina Stair
43. Handglops "Ronk Ng Rool" Gulcher
44. Wooden Shjips "Dos" Holy Mountain
45. David Liebman Group "Blues All Ways" Omni Tone
46. Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid "NYC" Domino
47. Ton Trio "The Way' Singlespeed Music
48. Dennis Gonzales "Renegade Spirits" Furthermore
49. Adam Payne "Organ" Holy Mountain
50. Peter Brotzmann/Fred Longberg "The Brain of the Dog in Section" Touch and Go

United States of Mind "Kill the Bullshit" USM
Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens "What have you done, My Brother?" Daptone
Hal Onserud "Hal 2008" pfmentum

It's DJ Chill Will of the University of Michigan's WCBN 88.3 FM. Home
of the longest running Hip Hop show on college radio in the Mid-West
and maybe the country. Check out our top 30 chart for April 28 and be
sure to tune into the show weekly on 88.3 FM. In the Ann Arbor/Metro
Detroit area or at www.wcbn.org Saturday nights from 9pm to 12
midnight est.

What Up Doe? Back from a great week in Sunny California and a well
deserved vacation. Hit the streets running and went diggin at CSL and
Lou's in San Diego. YES I still buy vinyl!!!!Hit a couple dope
clothing spots and what up to Nasty Nes and the fam in LA. Gonna keep
it short and sweet this week. Check out the show for some dope
interviews and lots of new music. For more information about me DJ
Chill Will go to www.myspace.com/djchillwill734

Here is our chart:
1. Jr&ph,Top Rank,Supercity
2. Kar-Lethal Brigante,Fresh 2 Def,Suspens Recording
3. Trackademicks,Enjoy What You Do,Fools Gold
4. Ms. Trinity,Burnin,Ragga Hip Music
5. Anonymous Twist,Daughters Eyes,Soul On Rice Music
6. Ghostface Killah & Doom,Chinatown Wars,Rockstar Game,Chinatown Wars
7. Octavian,Hood Chick,Viciouz Society
8. Matteo Getz,Here We Go Again,Get A Life Ent
9. Superstar Quamallah,88 Soul,Brick/Cotter Records
10.Del The Funky Homosapien,Get It Right Now,Funnyman Ent
11.Mantis,You Don't Know,Across The Board Ent
12.Phoenix Flames,From The Streets,I.S.M.G. Ent
13.Analogic & Skyzoo,Appreciation,Soulspazm Records
14.Lyrics Born,Funky Hit Records,Mobile Home Recordings
15.Doesya,Gettin Money,Musical Fire Ent
15.Phil The Agony,Think Green,Greenstreets Ent
16.Streets Buchannon,Different Over Here,New Realm Records
17.Ethemadassassin,We International,R Steel Ent
18.Baron Von Alisa,Here And Now,Burn Block Beats
19.Big Shot,So In Love,Power Music Group
20.Sullee,Sippin,Old Southend
21.Kice of Course,Nem,Kice Sounds
22.DJ Rob,She Still Got Dimples,Rugged Soul Records
23.Isaiah,She's A Winner,HHN Records
24.Mayhem Poets,Rent,Mayhem Poets Ent
25.Christelle,Excess Vibration,HHN Records
26.DJ Vadim,Hidden Treasure,BBE
27.Verbal Kent & Kaz One,Remove The Gag,Gravel Records
28.Shyan Selah,Hollywood Blvd,Brave New World Records
29.Perfekt & Chance,Out Of Control,Gittuff Entertainment
30.Blaq Poet,Ain't Nuttin Changed,Year Round
Hey Champ,Cold Dust Girl,1st and 15th
Mic Legacy,Radio,Rebel Muzik
Tittsworth,Drunk as F*ck,Plant Music
raydar Ellis & Quite Nyce,Trophy Room,Brick Records
RAPATTACKLIVES myspace.com/djchillwill734


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