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wcbn fm chart july 8, 2013

wcbn fm chart july 8, 2013 "communitube"
1. Shells "In A Cloud" Life Like
2. Boards Of Canada "Tomorrow's Harvest" Warp
3. Algebra Suicide "Feminine Squared" Dark Entries
4. Justin Walter "Lullabies and Nightmares" Kranky
5. Abbas Mehrpouya "Soul Raga: Anthology" Pharaway Sounds
6. Slava "Raw Solutions" Software
7. The Courtneys "s/t" Hockey Dad
8. Aloonaluna/Motion Sickness of Time Travel "split" Constellation Tatsu
9. Ariel Pink "Thrash & Burn" Human Ear Music
10. Sawi Lieu "Pasaraya" Constellation Tatsu
11. Belaboris "Once Upon A Time" Dark Entries
12. Mount Kimbie "Cold Spring Fault Less Youth" Warp
13. Daft Punk "Random Access Memories" Columbia
14. Melorman "Waves" Sun Sea Sky Productions
15. Quasimoto "Yessir Whatever" Stones Throw
16. v/a "Sedayeh Del" Pharaway Sounds
17. Obnox "Corrupt Free Enterprise" 12XU
18. Surfer Blood "Pythons" Warner Brothers
19. Shapeshifter "Delta" Delta
20. Mavis Staples "One True Vine" Anti-
21. Rebel Kind "Laurel Canyon" Life Like
22. Mounds "Mounds of Earth" Symbolic Capital
23. Montag "Phases" Carpark
24. Zomby "With Love" 4AD
25. Future Bible Heroes "Partygoing" Merge
26. Bass Drum of Death "s/t" Innovative Leisure
27. Gold Panda "Half Of Where You Live" Ghostly International
28. Nice Hooves "s/t" Bellyache
29. John Vanderslice "Dagger Beach" Tiny Telephone
30. CocoRosie "Tales of a Grass Widow" self-released
31. Portugal. The Man "Evil Friends" Atlantic
32. Nate Young "Blinding Confusion" NNA Tapes
33. Ramesh "s/t" Pharaway Sounds
34. v/a "Metal Postcard Sampler" Metal Postcard Records
35. [PHYSICS] "Spectramorphic Iridescence" Digitalis
36. pacificUV "After The Dream You Are Awake" Mazarine
37. SOS "Looking For the Next One" Cuneiform
38. Eric Moe "Meanwhile Back At the Ranch" New World Records
39. Brother JT "The Svelteness of Boogietude" Thrill Jockey
40. Sun City Girls "Eye Mohini (Sun City Girls Singles Volume 3)" Abduction
41. v/a "Tisheh O Risheh" Pharaway Sounds
42. Camera Obscura "Desire Lines" 4AD
43. v/a "Theppabutr Productions" ZudRangMa Records/Light In The Attic Records
44. Co La "Moody Coup" Software
45. Ritual Howls "s/t" Urinal Cake
46. Date Palms "The Dusted Sessions" Thrill Jockey
47. Saturday Looks Good To Me "One Kiss Ends It All" Polyvinyl 
48. Tricky "False Idols" !K7
49. Ruxpin "This Time We Go Together" n5MD
50. Booker T "Sound The Alarm" Stax
Ashrae Fax "Static Crash" Mexican Summer
CFCF "Music For Objects" Paper Bag
Congo Natty "Jungle Revolution" Big Dada
Salvia Plath "The Bardo Story" Weird World
Derdiyoklar Ikilisi "Coban Mamos" Pharaway Sounds


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