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wcbn fm chart oct 19 2009

wcbn fm chart oct 19 2009 "the hunt for red oktoberfest"

1. Heavy Trash "Midnight Soul Serenade" Fat Possum
2. Os Mutantes "Haih… or Amortecedor" Anti
3. Shafiq "Shafiq En' A-Free-Ka" Plug Research
4. Monotonix "Where Were You When It Happened?" Drag City
5. Various "Well Hung: Funk-Rock Eruptions from beneath Communist
Hungary" B-Music
6. Why? "Eskimo Snow" Anticon
7. Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies "EP II" Color Wheel
8. Islands "The Drums" Anti
9. Mum "sing along to songs you don't know" euphono
10. Tyondai Braxton "Central Market" Warp
11. Wild Beasts "Two Dancers" Domino
12. Leisure Class "Recordings 1979-1994" Leisureco
13. David Bazan "Curse Your Branches" Barsuk
14. Jacqueline Hopkins "topsy turvy" Rogers Winthrop Entertainment
15. Music from the Film "World War Tree" self-released
16. Summer Cats "Songs for Tuesdays" Slumberland
17. Henry Kaiser/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter "Plane Crash" Ugexplode
18. The Lost Fingers "Lost in the 80s" Phantom Sound and Vision
19. Jo Serrapere "Love Going South" Detroit Radio Co.
20. Dance with Action "Science Fiction dance Party" B Music
21. Rain Machine "Rain Machine" Anti
22. Tyvek "Tyvek" siltbreeze
23. Kitty, Daisy & Lewis "Kitty, Daisy & Lewis" Sunday Best
24. Deastro "moondagger" ghostly
25. King Uszniewicz and the Uszniewicztones "Crack Sandwich" no label 0
26. A Hawk and a Hacksaw "Delivrance" Leaf
27. Mount Eerie "Wind's Poem" P.W. Elverum & Sun
28. Loop 2.4.3 "Zodiac Dust" Music Starts from Silence/Analog Arts
29. The Lickets "Her Name Came on Arrows" International Corporation
30. Pere Ubu "Bring Me the Head of Ubu Roi" Hearpen Records
31. Mos Def "The Ecstatic" Downtown
32. Pine Hill Haints "To Win or To Lose" K
33. Jay Reatard "Watch me fall" Matador
34. Dirty Projectors "Bitte Orca" domino
35. Busdriver "jhelli beam" anti
36. Dwayne Leftridge "Coming out of the hermit's cave" Leftridge records
37. Little Claw "Human Taste" Ecstatic Peace
38. Talibam! "Boogie in the Breeze Blocks" ESP Disk
39. Various "The Roots of Reggae" Moll-Selekta
40. Chll Pll "Aggressively Humble" Porter
41. Ramona Falls "Intuit" Barsuk
42. Bill Frisell "Disfarmer" Nonesuch
43. Various "Shiftless Decay" X Records
44. Vladislav Delay "Tummaa" Leaf
45. The Bodies Obtained "Dead Plans" Finding You Attractive
46. Windmill "Epcot Starfields" Friendly Fire
47. Theo Angell "Tenebrae" Amish
48. Samara Lubelski " Future Slip" Ecstatic Peace
49. Jandek "Portland Thursday" Corwood
50. Noveller "Red Rainbows" No Fun

Various "Art Damage - Vol. 1 : What Cincinnati Makes You Sound Like" Tokyo Rose
Get Back Guinozzi "Carpet Madness" Fat Cat
Efterklang "Parades" Leaf
Various "Messthetics #107: D.I.Y. 78-82: London, vol 3" Messthetics
Felix "You Are the One I Want" Kranky


It's DJ Chill Will of the University of Michigan's WCBN 88.3 FM. Home
of the longest running Hip Hop show on college radio in the Mid-West
and maybe the country. Check our top 30 chart for September 30 and be
sure to tune into the show weekly on 88.3 FM. in the Ann Arbor/Metro
Detroit area or at www.wcbn.org Saturday nights from 9pm until 12am

What's up? This has been a crazy but great week. Had the pleasure of
rocking the stage at the Crofoot Ballroom with Rakim. One of the best
shows I've been to and the crowd couldn't get enough. The classics he
did and the new stuff everyone went bananas. And he took it back to
the essence of Hip Hop with the DJ being just as important as the MC.
Shout to DJ Imperial who rocked a flawless performance with Rakim. For
more information about me DJ Chill Will go to

Here is our chart:
1. Arash,All Of My Life,So Full Entertainment
2. Anonymous Twist,Suckas Still Try To Front,Soul On Rice
3. P.Novakane,Straight & Narrow,V-Boy Music Group
4. Q-Tip,Damn You're Cool,Battery Records
5. Jern Eye,Get Down,Myx Music
6. YZ,Did I Ever Tell You,Blackworld Ent
7. Superstar Quamallah,Do Win Dis,brick/Cotter Records
8. Swollen Members,Warrior,Suburban Noize
9. E-Cashes,live 2 Da Fulliest,Money Magnet Productions
10.Skyzoo,Popularity,Iamla/Duckdown Records
11.Maniac,It's Me,Hood Broka Ent
12.Championz,I Bet You Fall In Love,Queton
13.C2,Getting Myself 2gether,Life Span Records
14.Bekay,I Am,Coalmine Records
15.Apathy,Shoot First,Demigodz Entertainment
16.Sullee,Real Hip Hop,Old Southend
17.The New Congress,Anguish Love & Romance,Self Release
18.Orbitron,They Don't Move,Beaconskillz
19.Breakestra,Posed To Be,Strut
20.Kayo,Ridagirl Soul,Myx Records
21.Foreign Beggars,Contact,Dented Records
22.OC & AG,Think About It,Nature Sounds
23.Krs1 & Buckshot,The Way I Live,Duckdown
24.Brother Ali,Fresh Air,Rhymesayers
25.Beyond Belief,Work,Make Noise
26.Shafiq Husayn,Cheeba,Plug Research
27.DKLA,Nights Like This,Zeal Entertainment
28.A.K.I.R.,Let's Work It Out,Viper Records
29.Kam Moye,Let's Be Honest,Myx Music
30.MCM,So Many Places,Headcount Records
W&ck,Get Your Drink On,IOD
Izza Kizza,Connect The Dots,Decon
Mc Esoteric,Hold On,Fly Casual
Soulstice & SE,Strange Kinda Love,Wandering Soul

WCBN 88.3 FM